Rollin’ on a River… Our Dance Teacher Needs YOUR Vote!

OK, I don’t usually ask for much here on this blog.  Maybe a comment, or a subscription, or maybe just your undying devotion.  But not much else!

Just Dance Wii ContestWell, today I am asking for something!  The folks at Just Dance Game for the Wii are holding a video contest on Facebook!  I saw a post on Elizabeth Norton’s status, and I had to tell our beloved dance teacher, Catharine Milner about it!  The challenge is to choreograph a dance for one of the “Just Dance” songs they specify, film a video, and submit it to the contest.

I knew Catharine would be perfect for this! If she wins, she’ll get a trip to Paris with Ubisoft to star in the next version of the game.

Not only is her video adorable, but Catharine is the kind of person you want your kids to look up to! She

teaches preschool at a local church, and goes to the studio owned by her mom Cay Harkins each night to teach dance.  She not only teaches the kids to dance, but she teaches them

Catharine and her sisters

Catharine and her three sisters

teamwork, self-esteem, and how giving their best is the only way to be!  Catharine organized a “competition team” to represent the studio in a regional comeptition here, and my daughter was blessed to be a part of it.  HipChick grew SO much this year in her effort, dedication and dance technique that I was AMAZED to watch her in the recital last month.

Another thing I love about Catharine is that she doesn’t pressure the kids to look a certain way. She encourages them to be healthy, and treat their bodies with respect, but does not impose an outward standard on them.  You may have no idea how much that means to a mom who grew up with that standard in a dance company… or maybe you do.  I can honestly say that being a part of this studio has been one of the biggest blessings for our family.  HipChick, Princess, Little Pea… and I… all dance there.

All you have to do is go to the Just Dance Game Facebook Page, watch her video, and click “LIKE” under her video.  Catharine’s video is called PROUD MARY in all caps, and she’s wearing a blue costume with fringe.

I have a few other dear friends in the contest, but I gotta support my local girl, know what I mean?

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