Save the Date! Christmas Photo Bloopers Carnival

Every year, we dress the kids up in their shiny new dresses, or matching hats and scarves, and set them perfectly in front of the Christmas Tree for our Christmas Card photo.

What? You haven’t gotten one from me? Well, don’t worry, I haven’t gotten my act together this year to actually send the cards! Maybe you’ll get it in February…

In true “Real Life” fashion, I was looking back at some of the photos that didn’t make the card each year, and some of them are really funny! Or it might be that you accidentally caught your Brother in Law picking his nose under the tree. You decide what constitutes a “Blooper.”

So I’m going to have a Christmas Card Bloopers Carnival here on Monday, December 29. So you have time to get past all the Holiday craziness cheer!

Next Monday, post your best Christmas Photo Blooper on your blog, and link it to my carnival post. Then come to Real Life, and sign the Mr. Linky!

Come on, go dig out those horrible shots and join in!


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  1. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    That’s a cute idea!!


  2. Stephanie's Mommy Brain says:

    I can’t wait!!


  3. fun! i’m looking at my pics now!


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