Haiti: the 1-Year Anniversary of the Earthquake, and Beyond

Last week, the one-year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti came and went. There was a lot of attention focused once again on the devastated country, in the media and in social media. Twitter lit up with people sharing stories about Haiti, and the Haitian people, reaching out for charity donations and posting pictures of the country before and after the earthquake.  This was a great thing! Anniversaries often spur us to put the people who need our help most back in the forefront of our minds.  Many blessed Americans who had sunk back down into their comfort were awakened once again to the hurting that exists in the world at large.Heart of HAiti Artisan

It was such a wonderful experience to participate last Tuesday in the Girls Night Out (#gno) on Twitter, with Heart of Haiti (#heartofhaiti) so many people coming together to talk about how to help.  The highlight for me, was communicating with the Hatian Artisans (@HaitianArtisans) who use their precious hands to create Heart of Haiti artworks.

While I support lots of charities and relief organizations, I love Heart of Haiti because it’s “trade, not aid.” It’s helping people create a life (and a living) for themselves, and supporting them financially by supporting their business.  And I am challenged to not only help on the anniversary of the event, but throughout the year!

Heart of Haiti Picture FrameLast night, Fellow Heart of Haiti Ambassador Ananda Leeke invited  Mommy Niri and me to chat on her radio show, Digital Sisterhood. We had such a great conversation, sharing our reflection of working on the campaign and sharing ways we will move forward and keep supporting Haiti throughout the year. If you have never heard Mommy Niri speak, you really should listen to the podcast below! Besides her lovely accent, Niri is from South Africa, and has experienced extreme poverty, riots, and more.  I just want to soak up the wisdom that she shares.   I know lots of readers here are familiar with Mommy Niri from conferences and joint blogging ventures, and if you’ve never met Ananda, please check her out! She is such an encouraging voice!

Listen to the podcast here:

Here are some ways I will be keeping Haiti in the forefront of my mind this year:

  • I will leave the Heart of Haiti graphic up on my blog throughout this year.  Hopefully new people will see it, and decide to check out the products!
  • I will think of Heart of Haiti when buying gifts this year! I may even order some to keep in my closet for impromptu gifts when I need them. They have a wide variety of prices, so I can get a great gift for as low as $10.
  • I will continue to teach my children about the people of Haiti: their strength, beauty, talent, and their needs.  I loved showing my kids photos and videos of the artisans, and teaching them about why they don’t have the same opportunities we do here.

What are some of your ideas about how we can continue awareness, not only of Haiti, but other people in our own communities whom we can help?

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  1. Fiona
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    I’m so glad you posted the podcast, I was looking for it! I can’t believe I missed out on my favorite topic to talk about. The roads were horrible and it took forever to get home 🙁 very frazzling!


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