Show Me the Clothes! BlogHer Fashion Vlog Carnival!

OK, Bloggy Gals! We have less than two weeks until the BlogHer Conference! And I have one question for you!


It’s not that it’s amazingly important, but it’s fun! I don’t really get into the “what should we wear?” but I love to see everyone’s personality come out in your choices! Most people will be wearing outfits that make them feel vibrant and comfortable, but what is that? I want to know!

At the same time, there is such anticipation seeing people in person that we interact with in photos, videos, and phone conversations. We have such a short time there, I put a lot of thought in how I present myself. And I know you do too!

I did this for Blissdom, and had a few brave souls participate (alas, the Mr. Linky has disappeared!) There are a whole lot more vloggers out here now, thanks to and, so get your vlog on, and BRING IT!

I will be posting a video blog RIGHT HERE on this post hopefully Monday!

Whenever you are ready, between now and July 20, post your video on your own blog, showing what you’re wearing, what you would wear if you went, OR what you’ll be wearing at home, while BlogHer is happening! Funny, serious, the possibilities are endless! And if you don’t want to video,you could just do pictures. {chicken!}

I’ll give you a couple of wishful thinking ideas: What would I wear if Ihad the guts and the money?

I would totally rock out BowlHer in this skirt from Lands End, with a pink or white shirt. I would have it cut just above the knee, though:

And would this shoe from not be totally whimsical and cool with that?

A little hokie? Maybe, but fun! Maybe I’ll call the bowling alley and ask what color their rental shoes are! {Now, would I really do that? Come on!}

This little dress from Gladiola Girls, right here in Boone, NC, would be so perfect for one of the parties! Doesn’t it look great on me? 😉

Anyway, let’s have some fashion fun! When you post your video, sign the Linky below, and link back here so others can play! PS> I’m looking for some prizes, so sit tight!

Here is the code for the button if you’d like to use it!

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  1. Banteringblonde says:

    I guess I'll have to put some thought into what I'll wear then! lol hmmmmm I may need to go shopping tomorrow!


  2. Real Life Sarah says:

    Haha! Fiona, I'm actually contemplating wearing my "mom uniform," Jeans and a black v-neck.

    I'm sure you'll look stunning!


  3. Carolina Mama says:

    Love the dress! You look great Sarah! And I know you all will have a blast!


  4. ResourcefulMommy says:

    I'm so in! If I can find some time! 🙂


  5. Talina @ Harvest Of Daily Life says:

    I wish I was going! Gotta start saving now for next year.


  6. Felicia says:

    You are from Boone? I'm in Asheville!


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