Shrimp Gumbo: Real Life Sarah vs Alton Brown

How many times have I looked at a recipe, and been intimidated by it’s perceived complexity? How many times have I lacked one or two ingredients, only to abandon the entire endeavor?

Well, this was bound to be the case Saturday morning when I was looking up a recipe for the Shrimp I got on sale (buy1 get 2 free!).  I thought it might be cool to make Gumbo, which I never attempted before.  As I looked at the ever so wise Googles for advice, I found a recipe right away, from The Food Network’s Alton Brown. Now he is one of my all-time favorite Food Network personalities.  I’ll never forget the time I learned that Lobster is in the same animal family as the common cockroach! I considered banning lobster from my diet at that point, but I love it too much! And he has a wacky sense of humor, just like someone else I know… ahem.

The list of ingredients was about 5 items longer than I will usually attempt, and I was out of two of them.  So, alas, I moved on.

I perused many “easy” Gumbo recipes, which called for a light roux, no roux at all, or bottled hot pepper sauce.  And then… my chin rose in a defiant posture as I made the decision.

I would make Alton Brown’s recipe! I would cook the roux to a dark caramel, nutty goodness, and not worry if I left out one or two ingredients!  SO many times, we shy away from these recipes if we’ve never attempted them before, or can’t execute them with perfection.

But NO MORE!  I have proved that a “real life” mom can succeed at a fabulous culinary creation. (And the Creole cooking police did not come and arrest me for leaving out the green pepper!)  In fact, our dinner guest commented on how fabulous the sausage was– and it wasn’t even the coveted “Andouille” variety! {GASP}

So I hope you enjoy this video I made of the entire process. I hope you are inspired to try something new, even though you may not be the picture of famous-chef perfection!  And, above all, I hope you laugh– at me or with me, it doesn’t matter to me!

For the full recipe from the Food Network, click here.

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  1. This is a hoot! Great job.
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Chicken and Dumplings =-.


  2. This is so good!! I love it!
    .-= Kelleigh @ Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs´s last blog ..I’m making tassels with The Nester! =-.


  3. This was so fun to watch!


  4. You’re the best there is, great job!
    .-= Julie From Momspective ´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go =-.


  5. I loved it Sarah YOU are a natural!
    .-= Trish @IamSucceeding´s last blog ..#Mamavation Monday: It’s All ABout Goals =-.


  6. Winsome Lily says:

    This is fantastic! I love it. And now I’m suddenly really hungry for shrimp.
    .-= Winsome Lily´s last blog .. =-.


  7. Fabulous!!! uh where are the kids? I burned chicken lastnight because kids came home!
    .-= kyooty´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts, death off a desktop? =-.


  8. ewww shrimp 😛

    Stopping by from WFMW 😀


  9. The Sale Depot says:

    Gumbo is great, says someone born and bred in Louisiana. It can be convoluted and complicated or it can be easy as pie. There is never a WRONG way to make gumbo and you can pretty much make it with anything.
    .-= The Sale Depot´s last blog ..Eco Friendly Bamboo Cutting Board Review =-.


  10. gumbo recipe says:

    Well done! You are a natural talent! And you just prove that people can do just about anything if they really want and try hard enough!


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