Summer Camp Planning Already? You Bet!

I’ve been working feverishly on my listing of Summer Camps in Boone, NC, and beside some strange formatting issues on the page, it’s a comprehensive listing of all the summer camps around my area.

Summer Camp Kids As I was putting together the list, I found myself wanting to enroll my children in EVERY ONE!  (With the exception of the overnight camps- not ready for that yet!)  They all look so fun and educational. My kids themselves want to do them all, too! Day camps, soccer camps, tennis camps, Parks and Rec camps, science camps, adventure camps, horse camps, so much more!

But, at the same time, I want the kids to hang out at the pool, ride their bikes in the neighborhood, play in the woods, pretend they’re princesses, and travel.

Of course, we can’t afford every camp as well, so we have to do some pickin’ and choosin’.  I’m thinking of having the kids write their favorite camps on note cards, then write pros and cons on each card.  Then, they can eliminate camps until they have a manageable number, probably two.

How do you choose which summer camps your kids will attend? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. When I saw your post, I had to come over and tell you about a camp I love that is somewhat your neck of the woods! It is just south of Johnson City, TN. Called Appalachian Christian Camp. My kids went as teens and then my son worked there as well. We love the camp! Awesome programs and people and not horribly expensive!


  2. I remember when I used to go on summer comp…it used to be a lot of fun and the most expected period of the year.


  3. AppHipMom
    Twitter: apphipmom

    I started a few weeks back. Trying to coordinate the kids to a schedule that will work for me isn’t always so easy to do. I try not to over schedule either. My kids enjoy sleeping in and just taking it easy as well.


  4. Dear Sarah,

    There are a ton of camps out there, though you want to find a camp where the directors have the same values/ideas/morals in raising a child as you do. Summer camp is awesome in general and most likely your child will be happy where ever he goes.


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