Super Bowl Party Food

Well, today is the big day! I couldn’t care less about the football game, but the party I love! What are you making for gameday? We’re having our small group from church over and I’m making my dad’s famous honey hot wings for our super bowl party!

Y’all know I’m not the most precise cook in the world, so I’ll try to give you my hot wings recipe.

Honey Hot Wings

  • 1 bag of frozen wings
  • a bottle of Texas Pete or Tabasco Sauce
  • Honey

1. Cook the wings according to the package directions. I usually bake the wings, but restaurant ones are usually fried. I don’t taste much of a difference.

2. While the wings are cooking, mix about 2 parts hot sauce and 1 part honey.

3. When the wings are cooked through, coat with the sauce. Bake for about another 20 minutes, untill the sauce starts to caramelize.

4. If you want them hotter, you actually add more honey. The honey is what makes the hot sauce linger on the tongue, therefore creating a spicier effect.

Serve with celery and Blue Cheese Dressing

Do tell, what are you having?


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  1. gail in idaho says:

    i never knew that about the honey. how cool is that? or hot?? hee hee i love making hot wings and usually do it in my crock pot, but i think i’ll try baking them next time.


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