Reader of the Week/ Ask the Reader

The reader of the week is Jan, of Musings from Mexico. She let me play with her blog header, and I was so excited! I love playing around with graphic design, although I don’t really know what I’m doing. Go check it out and see what you think. And here is the question for the […]

Readers of the Week and Some Cool Sites

The Readers of the Week are the people who answered my question in “Ask the Reader!” I LOVE hearing from everyone. Lynnae, DCRMom, Cyndy, Coma Girl, Kathy in WA, Rebekah, Deb, Crystal, Kara, Jan, Jen, Tamara, Jaime, Jendi, Sheila, Marie, Lessa, Debby, Katie (Kathrine Crouch Photography) Here are some great sites I’ve seen recently: […]

Future Direction for Real Life (and Readers of the Week)

I’ve been praying about the direction of this blog for a while. I began this blog with the underlying goals being to: 1. Point people to My Savior, Jesus2. Slow down my thoughts with writing so I can actually process the tornado of ideas in my head!3. Find people who actually want to hear the […]

Readers of the Week and Social Networking Mania!

The top referrer this week is Overwhelmed with Joy, from the holiday recipe exchange she has going on. I hope y’all enjoy the Pumpkin Maple Pie recipe. I received the sweetest note from the owner of Baby Names Country, a site they “dedicated to our son Gregory, who died 4 years ago from a serious […]

Readers of the Week, the Smiling Edition

Welcome to the “smiling edition” of Readers of the Week! Everyone who comes by here makes me smile. (And believe me, I count every one of you) When you comment, it makes me smile even more, and sometimes laugh hysterically. Lynnae, at From Under the Clutter has given me this very encouraging and slightly annoyingly-colored […]

Readers of the Week.

I took a week off from ROTW last Saturday, because I had a tonsillectomy patient, and still do. It’s amazing how long it take for the recovery! We’ll begin with first time commenter and new visitor, Emily, from Laundry and Lullabies. She was a choral director before having babies, just like me! We certainly have […]

Readers of the Week

It’s time for another edition of ROTW! Commenter of the week is Classic Mama from…well..Classic Mama’s Thoughts. She left a touching comment on my post, She Chose Life, and used my favorite word to describe works of God- Restoration Top Referrer was Rocks in My Dryer, written by Shannon. I’m sure the readers who came […]

Readers of the Week

It time for another addition of the Readers of the Week. I really can’t believe the fact that people actually read my stuff, and I’m thrilled. So I’m giving back to you with links and a little recognition. I love everyone who interacts with me, but I have to just highlight a few. Rodney (aka […]

Readers of the Week!

I have been thinking lately about how much I love my readers and commentors. You all make it really fun to write, and I wanted to give back a little. So most weekends, I’m going to try to write a “readers of the week” post. If you don’t make it on the list, it doesn’t […]