Your Life, Your Blog: Promote Other Bloggers!

I am sorry that Your Life, Your Blog is late today! The only way I can describe last week is that a tornado of ballet costumes, bobby pins and sequins thundered through my house and evacuated us to the town Auditorium for the week! We are done, but very exhausted around here! So this week’s […]

Your Life Your Blog: Stat Trackers

(Psssst… See the new Facebook “Like” button at the bottom of this post? Hint hint) Hey, everybody!  It’s Monday again- time to share your life, and your blog!  First up, a Blogging Tip! For today’s tip, I figured I’d talk about Stat Trackers.  I’ve been using Google Analytics for a long time, and I’ve always […]

Your Life Your Blog: Party Like It’s 1999… Pageviews on Your Blog, That Is

Welcome to another installment of “Your Life, Your Blog!” Each Monday, I post a blogging tip, and include a LINKY where you can promote your blog! Today’s tip is about BLOG PARTIES, carnivals, and memes! They are an awesome way to get the word out about your blog!  Whether it’s a weekly meme, or a […]

Your Life, Your Blog: Ultimate Blog Party!

***link up your “Your Life, Your Blog” posts below*** It’s time again for the Ultimate Blog Party with 5 Minutes for Mom! If you are a blogger, but especially a new blogger, participating in parties like this can help you discover new friends, new blogs to read, and new readers for yours! The UPB is […]

Your Life, Your Blog: Your Twitter Name

This is going to be a quick tip today for bloggers and then get straight to your posts! Choosing a Twitter name can be one of the most grueling processes, unless you just get a stroke of genius.  Here are a few thing I would consider when coming up with your name: Branding is important.  […]

Your Life, Your Blog: Choosing a WordPress Theme

I have been using Blogger since 2007 when I started blogging.  I switched High Country Mom Squad over to WordPress in 2009 (well, actually my long time friend Ben Cotten did it for me! he ROCKS), and thus began my love affair with WordPress. I never really had a huge gripe with Blogger.  It worked, […]

Your Life, Your Blog: Guest Bloggers

Some of the most meaningful moments on my blog have been written, not by me, but from guest bloggers! I love asking for guest bloggers for times such as vacations, special occasions, holidays, and… well, just because. The tears recently spilled over as the blogging dots were connected in an amazing way. Back in November, […]

Your Life, Your Blog: Unmarketing’s Tips for Mom Bloggers

Welcome to another week of “Your Life, Your Blog,”  where we share a blogging tip, and promote YOUR blog posts, too!! Here is my tip for today, which is actually from a giant in the field!  I caught up with Scott Stratten, of at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. Scott was such a […]

Your Life, Your Blog: Who Are You? Reader Survey

I have been meaning to do a reader survey for a while. “Reader Survey” sounds so impersonal.  I really want to learn more about you- who you are, why you read, how I can help and connect with you better.  I would appreciate it more than you know if you would take a few minutes […]

Your Life Your Blog: Blog Buttons!

Today’s tip is for Blog Buttons! It’s not so much how to make a blog button, as the size recommendations.  Sometimes I really want to share a button on my sidebar, but the size gets in the way.  And since switching to this new template there are some limitations as far as space. Most blogger […]

Your Life Your Blog: Search Box

Happy Monday again, and welcome to another Your Life Your Blog!  I have started adding a blog tip to each post, along with your links, and would love to hear your tips, too, in the comments! Today’s tip is to put a search box in a conspicuous location on your blog! SO many times, I […]

Your Life Your Blog: Philosophy of Monetization

Welcome to the second Your Life Your Blog (YLYB) of the new year! Last week, I decided I would add a blogging tip to each week’s linky post. It’s not because I am superior or that I have it all together. It’s just that I’ve made mistakes, had some successes, been around the clock, and […]

Your Life, Your Blog: Guest Host, Adoption, and Five For Fighting

Hello fantasic bloggers! Another week has flown by, and it’s time for Your Life, Your Blog again! I have a few random thoughts and then we’ll Link, Read, Tweet and Stumble! Jen, from One Mom’s World joined me last week on my live MomTV show, and she’s coming back! This week, we’ll be cooking up […]

Your Life, Your Blog: Big Week with Operation Christmas Child!

Hello lovely Bloggers! Your Life, Your Blog was suspended last week, for a special project with Operation Christmas Child, a ministry which brings millions of “shoebox” presents to poor children around the world! We have a Bloggy Carnival going on! If you have packed shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, or plan to this year, you […]

Your Life, Your Blog – Pets & MomTV Topics Du Jour

Hello fabulous bloggers and friends! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words last week, as we were going through the loss of our pet, Nigel. We went back and forth a lot, and my husband really felt that he needed to look for another dog to bring into our family. He loves […]