That Awkward Moment When… [Facebook Edition]

“That awkward moment when…”

When I hear that statement, I know that what I’m about to hear will make me laugh, probably because I can relate to the embarrassment. But these days, there is a whole new genre of “awkward moments” related to social media. Just 10 years ago, the following statements would have been met with blank stares. Tell me, how many of these can you relate to?

Here are just a few. Please comment below with your own!

Awkward Facebook Moments: That awkward moment when you realize you're not Facebook friends, and wonder if you WERE friends and she unfriended you, or if you should friend her.


Awkward Facebook Moments: That awkward moment when someone you previously unfriended asks you to be Facebook friends.

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Awkward Facebook Moments: Susie posted a cryptic, passive aggressive Facebook status, and I think she's talking about me.

Awkward Facebook Moments: Now, kids, what exactly DID you see on Mommy's Facebook news feed?

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  1. Yes to all of these! That last one happened to me recently. I was ranting on fb about my oldest’s homework assignment(courtesy of Common Core) and my son saw it and asked if I was sending that to his teacher. Oops.


  2. I think I’ve asked these questions, but then it’s pretty easy to get that some folks do spring cleaning. If I haven’t engaged with the person who I can’t find anymore to tag, I just figure they came up with their own “Keep ‘Em Or Not” Code. I’m not sure what the criteria were, but I didn’t meet it. 🙂 I’m so busy neglecting people I want to engage with more regularly that it’s just not an issue. That, and it reminds me that I’m over-due to Spring Clean- I just can’t settle on my own Keep ‘Em Or Not Code… 🙂


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