The Blissdom Recaps I Wish I’d Written

I’m not very good at conference recaps. I have all these ideas swimming around in my head during conferences. I take notes, even. But somehow, when I get back the rush of daily responsibilities, plus the piled up work I didn’t get to while I was gone choke out my ability to type out a coherent sentence about the experience!

But here’s a fun photo of me, Abby, and Dawn!

Dawn Abby and me at Blissdom

Because I am having Brain Mush (Coined by the fabulous Fiona at Bantering Blonde), I’ve decided to start by linking to some Blissdom posts I wish I’d written- ones that make me stand up and cheer, or relive the brilliance in which I bathed for four days in Nashville.

Here are my picks!


What I Didn’t See at Blissdom, Sara from Saving for Someday

Sara’s refreshing list of things she didn’t notice about you, even though you were so afraid she would.


Mommy Bloggers are Going to Rule the World, Kari Henley from Huffington Post

Stop the world, I’m linking to the Huffington Post! I so appreciate Kari’s perspective on the sometimes disparaged world of mom blogging. In my favorite paragraph of the piece, she concisely states why I believe “Mommy Blogger” is not a dirty word!

“Mommy bloggers totally rock. They are unapologetic about their dual role of raising children and having a professional life. Many of these women came with their babies in arms, and no one cared because they are bad-ass experts in SEO optimization, personal branding, sponsor ambassadorship and networking. It was shockingly refreshing — and for me, a mother of four, it was like a coming home.”


Michele, at Scraps of My Geek Life (and wonderful roommate for Blissdom) recaps not one, not two, but SEVEN sessions she attended, while taking impeccable notes. Click here to see all the Blissdom Session recaps!


Blog Conferences are Like Sorority Rush, from Molly at The Snyder 5

I tend to have mixed feelings about Sororities. I was in a sorority for music students and made some strong friendships through the college years.  Molly’s post is right on, and provides fresh perspective for those who love conferences… and those who would rather not go.

I’ll probably be adding more great links here as I read through more posts, and I’m sure I’ll post one of my own. What were YOUR favorite parts of Blissdom, if you attended?

Read lots more Blissdom Recaps at Musings of a Housewife!

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  1. Fiona
    Twitter: banteringblonde

    I completely spent and I don’t do recaps very well either so I’m just sticking with the brain mush!


  2. Donna
    Twitter: donnashenk

    I’m still a bit {very, very} sad that I wasn’t there… I would have loved to be squished in that photo! I’m hoping for Type A Parent Conference!!

    PS. I’m so grateful for Michele’s amazing note taking! I’ve learned so much through her blog over the last few days!


  3. My favorite part was the tweets! That’s as close as I’ll get to Blissdom, most likely, but it was fun to watch. I have a feeling one good conference will satisfy me, and Type-A ought to do it. :0)


  4. I’m amazed at all the fab recaps I’m reading- I’m still processing, so I just did a pics post for now!

    It was so nice to meet you!


  5. Molly
    Twitter: MollyinMinn

    Thanks for including me. It means a lot.


  6. I had so much fun.. So much that I barely slept. I have all of these ideas running through my head. I’m afraid to put them down in a post b/c I won’t be able to do the awesomeness justice.


  7. Angela Johnson
    Twitter: aejohnson3131

    Thanks Sarah for all the hot information. I must say meeting you was very nice. You are a totally great person filled with good information…I was in your Hyper-Local or Hyper-loco class.


  8. Sarah,
    I know exactly what you mean. I drove home, by myself, and for 4 hours I thought about the past 4 days, and I thought about everything I wanted to write about. And when I got home? Mush. I did manage to get a post out yesterday, but it is more a call to action and not what I am *really* feeling inside from my 4 days at Blissdom. Maybe it will come to the surface in the next day or two, lol!


  9. I am like you! I have so many thoughts I want to capture after a conference, but the reality of coming home to work piling up usually means I never do write all the posts that are half written in my head.

    It was wonderful to see you friend!!!!



  10. Thank you, Sarah. That you included my post out of the hundreds out there humbles me. Thank you included me with such a wonderful group of women, with whom I don’t often feel I belong, makes me feel special.

    Thank you for sharing my post. I am grateful.



  11. I LOVED meeting you IRL! You are sooo adorable! =)
    I’m just now getting to recapping-starting with a video of what was in that goody bag….

    Happy Winter!

    Joey Fortman


    Twitter: reallifesarah

    It was so great meeting you, too, Joey! I wish we’d had more time to chat!



  1. […] are already a number of summaries of Blissdom that I’ve come across (including this one from Sarah on her Real Life blog that highlights LOTS of other recaps), so I’m not going to get into all that happened there.  […]

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