The Blog Year in Review

I must say that in my second year of blogging, I still feel like a lame-o sometimes, and wonder how I’m doing. That’s why I joined in with a meme I saw over at Musings of a Housewife. It was very eye opening to see what I wrote in each month of 2008.

The directions say to write the first line of your first post of each month. However, since Blogger brings up the last post first, (and I am a lame-o sometimes) I accidentally did the last post of each month. So here they are! Leave a comment if you play along!

I vividly remember sitting at my roommate’s computer my senior year of college, typing out an email to a friend.
This is when I decided I’d like to go to the She Speaks Conference. I entered a contest to win a scholarship, but it wasn’t meant to be last year. I do want to go this year, since Jo-Lynn is speaking, and I may be going in a new ministry direction. So we’ll see if it works out.

I’ve been in an interesting place lately.
A spiritual ‘turning point’ of sorts for last year… realizing “the mundane IS spiritual”

The winners of the bloggy makeover from my new Real Life Design are:
Ah, the Bloggy Giveaway, and the launch of Real Life Design! I did Kate’s and Jaime did Emily’s . They still have their original designs up! Yippee!

Do you have a daughter who screams at the mere mention of brushing her hair?
Well, there’s a creative solution here.

Only in the age of MySpace and Facebook can “friend” be used as a verb!
The advent of the Social Network, Mom Blogger’s Club

Since I have shirked my City-Slicker persona to become a Country Bumpkin about 12 years ago, I’ve been realizing how much I love rural life.
Gardening and Christianity… and a little hope.

July is a really neat new blogging website, dedicated to helping bloggers!
I was surprised and happy when Blog Coach wanted to feature me regarding Blog Design! You can read my interview here.

We’re going to visit one of my college roommates , and the maid of honor at my wedding, this weekend!
Not much to that post, just an announcement.

No, I’m not the Pied Piper, I’m on Twitter now.
Oh, Twitter, has it only been three months? It seems like a lifetime, darling.

I used to be completely against acknowledging anything about Halloween.
The most popular post of all time on Real Life, and the most searched on Google. Curious as to why?

To make thicker chowder, blend or process half of the corn until smooth before adding it to the soup.
Mmmm. Turkey Corn Chowder, how do I love thee? (recipe)

I remember, as a kid, when I became old enough to stay up till midnight on New Year’s Eve.

So that’s it, folks, 2008 on Real Life. Looking back, maybe I’m not such a lame blogger as I thought. Lots of good stuff here! And I’m even more excited for 2009!

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  1. Hey
    don’t know what the game is, but let me mention that i like your february line: “A spiritual ‘turning point’ of sorts for last year… realizing “the mundane IS spiritual”
    especially if you mean, by mundane: getting through the day a better person than when i started it.
    you’re not getting lame-er, you’re getting better!
    furthermore, you’re not a lame-o! A “lamo” is what Joe Dirt rents when he wants to go to some special event like a prom or a NASCar race.



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