The Blogger Prom: “Vintage” Photos

I am friends with several High School students on Facebook, mainly because they’re in my dance class and we share photos and communicate about things.  Also, I’m friends with some of their parents.  (ahem..)  I really enjoy having younger people in my life, as well as older, wiser friends.  About this time of year, the profile pictures start to change, as their albums are filled with Prom photos.  I adore looking at all the students in amazing dresses, being seriously fancy, smiling, hugging friends, swinging on swing sets with formal dresses.  I love it all! They’re so fully alive, yet not fully aware how quickly this time will pass.

This year, I was inspired (and I thought it would be funny) to post my prom picture from good ol’ 1992! I posted this photo, with the caption:

“I figured since all the High Schoolers posted pics of themselves in prom dresses, I would post mine. Go ahead and laugh, but silver dresses and big curly hair was SO cool in the early 90’s. :-D”

Sarah's Prom photo

To my delight, some of my other Facebook friends posted their prom photos from way back when, including a few of my favorite bloggers. They gave me permission to share them with you!  Wouldn’t it be fun if you wanted to post your senior prom photo and link to it in the comments? I just can’t get enough of these vintage photos!

So here’s Amy Lupold Bair of Resourceful Mommy and the Global Influence Network. Apparently she caused a town-wide fuss when she decided to wear a non traditional prom dress. She’s always been a rebel, that one.

Amy's Prom Photo

Here’s Fiona Bryan of  Bantering Blonde. She definitely wins the prize for highest hair, and she says, “There’s a lot of aqua-net in that “do” !

Fiona's Prom Photo

Do you have your prom dress from High School? Why not post it on your blog and share the link in the comments!

(Stay tuned for Show Choir: The Blogger Addition!)

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  1. Fiona @banteringblonde
    Twitter: banteringblonde

    Definitely a lot of Aqua-Net in that “do” – me and my bff were freshman invited to the Junior Prom and we were so waaaaay cool!


  2. Chele
    Twitter: CheleChestnut

    Oh how the prom and homecoming styles have changes since the 80’s and 90’s LOL.


  3. Wow. This is scary. And a little fun 🙂


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