The Convenience Store Which Must be Blogged

I had a “Mom of the Year” moment a couple of weeks ago that I just had to share. After hearing this story, you’ll either come to the conclusion that I am a bungling kook, or this is the worst convenient store experience ever. (I technically said, “worst experience,” not “worst store,” don’t sue me!)

I picked up my kids from school, and we were on the way to a meeting at the Broyhill Inn. They were “STARVING” (of course) and incidentally, I didn’t have any snacks stuffed under the minivan seats.

Well, because I can’t let my kids go hungry (and I really wanted them to stop whining) I decided to stop at the nearest Convenience Store. After gathering up various snacks, water, and a diet Coke for me, we waited in line at the front.

The total came to $3.00 and some change, so I fished through my purse- only to find that I forgot my wallet at home! Now remember the whole time, the kids are whining at me in various stages of starvation, and the 6-person line is looming behind me. So what would you do?

I pulled out my checkbook, and said, “OH NO I forgot my wallet! I have to write a check, what do I make it out to?” The clerk looked me in the eye, and said, “You have to have a photo ID to write a check.”

Me: “But I forgot my wallet, and I’m local! Can I just write this check for three dollars?” (Kids staring from behind me)

Clerk: “You have to have a photo ID, sorry.”

Desperate Mom:”Well, my kids are really hungry and they already have their stuff.”

Clerk: “I’ll put it back for you if you want”

Six men in line behind me: (blank stares) Thanks a lot guys.

Frantic Mom: “Well, kids, we have to put it back, I’m really sorry.”

Kids: “BUT! Why? We’re SOOO hungry” (loud cries and tears)

Really Embarrassed Mom: (Grabs the food out of little angels’ hands and herds them to the door.)

Six Men in line: (stare at crying mom as she leaves the store)

Now, what is wrong with this picture? Am I crazy for thinking that the clerk should maybe have made an exception for a three dollar check from a mom? Should one of the guys in line have said, “You know, add it to mine, I’ll take care of it.” I surely would have done that for another mom who forgot her wallet.

What do you think?

And thankfully, Doug at the Broyhill Inn was nice enough to bring out all kinds of snacks for the kids! He was our hero in preventing my kids from wasting away to nothingness!!

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  1. The Happy Housewife says:

    Who knows, the store has probably been burned by check writers before… but $3, seems like they could of made an exception. As for someone else footing the bill, I probably would… but people are so stand-offish these days. No one wants to help anyone else out…


  2. If I had been in line, I would have paid for you…I’ve helped out other strangers and hope someone else would help me too.


  3. Foursons says:

    I gave you an award- check it out at my blog!


  4. Rebecca says:

    I know it was frustrating, but this was kind of a funny post too 🙂 I totally think the men behind you should have helped out, but they were all probably waiting for the other to do it. If there were less people in line, I’ll bet somebody would have offered.


  5. Colleen says:

    I could see if it was more…but for $3 I cant see what’s the huge hassle…shoot, the place should get up to date themselves..dont most convenience stores do an automatic run of the checks and give them back to you now a days!


  6. Musings of a Housewife says:

    Oh for goodness sakes. That’s unreal. I’m shocked no one handed you $3.


  7. Coma Girl says:

    Well NC is now off my places to move to list 😉

    I can’t believe no one in line would give you $3. I would have especially for a mom with 3 kids.


  8. What else can I do but laugh! You guys are right! Thinking about it now, I should have offered to write one of the guys a check! But I’m going to remember this when I see a mom without her wallet!


  9. Banteringblonde says:

    I would have paid for ya! 😉 I’ve actually done it before for a lady in front of me! You aren’t alone… i’ve forgotten my wallet a million times – and it hasn’t always been at home!


  10. Jen @ One Moms World says:

    Ohhh I remember this. Yes, that was a little rude on the clerk’s part. I mean 3.00 come on.. let you write a check. You are from here UGGH.

    Doug did come to the rescue so that was great.. my girls enjoyed the snack too LOL.


  11. Lessa...... says:

    you could have said, “do you know who I am? I’m Real Life High Country Mom Squad TV Show Sarah! Don’t you know?!” lol

    Oh Sarah, I have totally been there before. People just aren’t nearly as ‘nice’ as they used to be.

    The title of your blog made me laugh because we had a convenience store experience as well. Allie and I walked in to pay for gas and get a drink when she exclaimed (in her loudest voice) “mommy, that lady needs to put on a shirt!” There was a woman in front of us in line in a halter top and Allie was apparently having none of that, lol! I just giggled, but was pretty embarrassed at the situation.


  12. Work at Home Mom says:

    Can’t believe the clerk wouldn’t make an exception. I definitely would have offered a measly $3 to anyone in line who was dealing with three hungry kids. And those men? Where is the chivalry?


  13. Rebekah says:

    Ok, three dollars?! At least one person should have offered!


  14. I’m actually shocked that nobody offered to pay!
    I always tip in if someone in front of me is short, especially if that person is a parent!!!


  15. Lindsey says:

    Oh my word! You know, sometimes I’m amazed by people’s kindness and other times I wonder what’s WRONG with people. Nobody cares about anybody anymore, it’s so sad. How many young guys jump ahead of me to the door and stride through without even glancing at the girl with the huge-mongous stroller who has to awkwardly hold the door open and try to maneuver the stroller through the door? Too many.

    Wish I had been there to help, I totally would have. Those guys must have been victims of too much TV. They thought they were watching a drama play out that they couldn’t change the plot to. STUPID.

    Might be a good idea to tuck a $10 in your purse somewhere else, lol. I think I’ll go do that now… my daughter is always pulling stuff out of my purse so it’s totally possible that could happen to me!


  16. Lindsey says:

    Um, you need one of those shirts that says, “I’m SO blogging this!”


    You could say it with some attitude, too…


  17. Man! In NC no less. I little compassion never hurt anyone.



  18. Thinking from the store, the clerk may lose their job, BUT if it were me I would have put the money in from my own purse!! COME on it is ONLY 3.00 and it is for the kids.

    I am so sorry this happened to you. It is a product of what this world has become unfortunately.


  19. Stephanie says:

    First of all, I just wanted to say that I came over from “All Because Two People Fell In Love.” You had left a comment on one of her posts…and I was intrigued by your profile picture. You have such a beautiful, welcoming face. 🙂

    Secondly, I definitely think it would have been kind/thoughtful for one of the men in line to offer to pay for the snacks. A friend and I were just talking yesterday about how it seems like there is a lack of people who will do decent, good, helpful things these days…things like open a door for a person with packages in their arms or give up a seat for a pregnant lady. Thanks for the reminder to do all those “little things” and to be more observant when people are in need.


  20. Thank you so much Stephanie! What a sweet comment.

    You’re right about people not being as willing to help lately. I wonder why that is?


  21. careyrowland says:

    This is evidence of the fact that men a Savior.


  22. Carolina Mama says:

    The thing is if it were us – the snacks would be open by then…. 🙂 Thank heavens you were okay since no one was jumping to help out. 🙂


  23. I would have totally hooked you up with 3 bucks. You should have taken all the change out of the give a penny tray and got some suckers for the kids (that would have stopped the whining). I bet those guys were just zoned out… we have selective hearing especially when there are whining kids (I believe most women can tune out whining kids too).


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