The Great Milkshake Race

Step 1: Get Daddy to make milkshakes! No fancy recipe here, we just mix up ice cream, milk, and whatever else we want in there. Chunky stuff will make the race more difficult.


Step 2: Get some really LONG straws!


Step 3: Everyone sips the milkshake through the straws, and the first one to get some out wins!  Of course, everyone wins because they all get to drink the milkshakes!



Tip: It’s more fun wearing pajamas!

We had lots of fun doing this!  What are some fun activities you do with the kids?

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  1. julie
    Twitter: justprecious

    love this idea. so simple and so fun for the kids. … if only my big would actually like Milkshakes. (crazy, I know).


  2. I love this idea, too! My kids would totally go for this, but I think we’d have to buy a couple of cartons of ice cream to make enough for all 7 of us! Have you noticed that you use more ice cream for shakes than for a bowl of ice cream?


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