The "One Thing" About Jesus

Lately, everywhere I go, it’s been finding me. Religious and moral relativism seems to be the newest “in” philosophy. From Wikipedia:

The term often refers to truth relativism, which is the doctrine that there are no absolute truths, i.e., that truth is always relative to some particular frame of reference, such as a language or a culture.

I’ve been in so many conversations where people tell me that all religions are basically the same. They feel they want to be open-minded to people who don’t believe the way they do. I love all people, especially those who believe differently than I do. I have many friends who are not conservative Christians, and I wouldn’t trade those friends for the world. They are great people, and I learn from them every day.

I’m open-minded about many things. But the existence and nature of the Creator of the Universe? My future eternal destination? If I say that the nature of God is relative, than what’s the point of believing?

Which, I think, is why many people run away from the Christian faith. People are sold a lie that nothing is true, so therefore everything is true. Except, of course, those beliefs that say they are true. Confused? Yeah me, too! Well, I’m about to make it a lot simpler.

You see, I’m not a theologian, nor a philosopher. However, there is one aspect of Christianity which is different than every other religion. Most other modern religions can coexist without contradicting each other, but not Christianity.

The difference? It’s not about me. I cannot do anything in my own strength to become good enough to attain true holiness. It’s called “grace:” unearned favor. The whole purpose of Jesus’ life on earth was to become the perfect sacrifice for my shortcomings. The ultimate purpose of that sacrifice was only to bring glory to God Himself! How awesome that it’s not about me!

I don’t have to meditate to achieve some ultimate peaceful state. I don’t have to come back a million times in different life forms till I get it right. I don’t have to adhere to a strict law of conduct to be pleasing in God’s eyes. Any change in my life or behavior is a direct result of my letting God work in my heart, not because I have to do anything to earn favor.

I only have to accept the sacrifice that’s already been made by a just, but infinitely loving God. And Christianity is the only faith which has a Savior, Jesus, who has conquered death. (I guess that’s two things.)

So, if my faith is not the ultimate truth, why bother? If I could get to fellowship with God any other way, why did Christ suffer on that cross?

It’s the most simple concept in the whole world. It’s not about me. It’s all about Him… Deep breath… Peace.

This blog is named “Real Life.” Jesus is that life.


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  1. That is the truth! It does seem we are getting where nothing is totally true!



  2. Christine, Queen of the Crazies says:

    Amen, amen, amen! Great post!

    It’s so sad but so true. Too many people have the attitude that there is “your truth” and “my truth” – UGH.

    Jesus told us the gate would be narrow and few would enter it. He didn’t try to win over the masses by giving them feel good nonsense. He said following him would be difficult and a stumbling block to many.

    As much as I want as many as possible to believe we just can’t compromise on what we are to believe in.


  3. Audra Marie says:

    Excellent post. I think part of it is due to the gospel being preached less and less because we wouldn’t dare allow people to feel convicted. They might not come back.

    It really is all about Jesus, all about a relationship with Him, all about His sacrifice for us.

    Authentic Christianity is becoming harder to find.


  4. Amen! So Very true!

    Currently I am reading a book titled “The Wisdom of Tenderness: What Happens When God’s Fierce Mercy Transforms Our Lives” by Brennan Manning. I just had to share this: “Love of others lies at the heart of the Christian moral revolution. The litmus test of our love for God is our love of neighbor.”


  5. Your header picture drew to your blog,you look so happy!!! your message will keep me coming back.

    Enjoyed reading your blog


  6. You’re right, Sheila. And there is such power when broken people who expect judgment receive God’s love instead. Because we all need His grace!


  7. Milk in the Closet says:

    WOW. What a great post. I so agree with everything you have said. Since when does my faith in Christ revolve around me and my perception of the truth? If He is not center, then something is wrong. I find this phenomenon common when people begin to base their relationships with God on experience rather than the truth of His Word. I do want experiences with God, don’t get me wrong. But what happens on the days I don’t “feel” Him? Do I stop believing? Do I begin to wander? No, I must believe. I must base my life on the centrality and authority of all that He is and trust that His Word is truth. God is everything He says He is.

    Thanks for the wonderful post!


  8. powerful words, aptly spoken. You’ve defended your faith with clarity and reason, seasoned with grace and welcome. Well done, fellow pilgrim.

    peace for the journey~elaine


  9. Sarah, Well written. I couldn’t agree with you more.


  10. Amen.
    There’s nothing left to say.


  11. Well-stated, my sister! You go, girl.


  12. Anonymous says:

    WHO says you’re not a theologian?! Well it can be frustrating to talk to people these days about how “all religions are the same” kum bay yah etc. But what ultimately matters, like you said, is that all other religions, simply put, consist in man trying to reach up to God through good behavior while Christianity is God reaching down to man by sacrificing HIMSELF! This is a crucial difference that, unfortunately, many evangelicals seem to negate when they preach not CHRIST CRUCIFIED but rather a system of conservative middle class morality whereby we become happy and wealthy while we watch the rest of the world go by through the tinted windows of our SUVs.

    Evangelicalism needs a kick in the balls, some anarchy, something to stop us from having the pitiful churchy mentalities of little old blue-haired ladies.



  13. AMEN sister!! I couldn’t agree more…”it’s not about me, it’s all about HIM…” LOVE it, Christ is LIFE! 🙂 Have a blessed weekend!!


  14. Yes, yes, and YES! Thanks for a great post. I found you through WFMW…nice to “meet” you 🙂



  15. LifeatTheCircus says:

    This is an excellent post. I agree with you completely and love finding other bloggers who speak the TRUTH and who share their real life. Great post, great blog name.


  16. ProjectHope7 says:

    I am really broken after reading your write-up. Thank you for having the boldness to speak of Christ so boldly, and He blessed it with an annointing! Grace is ours for sure… isn’t it amazing? The Body of Christ universal is so precious…can you imagine how unbelievably beautiful Heaven will be, if He shares in part with His beloved on earth, this kind of beauty in the sharing of His spirit of Love and Grace… His Holiness. Thank you for letting Him use your hand to write this and be such a witness! I look forward to following your articles.

    cathy b
    project hope 7 at gmail dot com


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