The Quintessential Dilemma of Humankind

My five-year-old daughter summed it up today in an exasperated statement, while crying in my arms. She was “mad at herself” for being unkind to her sisters. In one profound moment she described the fundamental human condition:

“Everyday, I try to be good… but I’m just not.”

“Me too,” I said. Then I explained the Gospel in very five-year-old language, at which time she got up and asked for a snack. Great.

But tonight as I was putting her to bed, she asked me to pray. So, I started saying the usual-type prayers: Sweet dreams, protective angels, God’s blessing on our friends and family. She piped up, “Mom, make sure you pray for Jesus to help me be good.”

To which I said, “Well, if you want that, then you’ll have to pray it. Would you like to repeat after me?” And she did.

So my prayer tonight is that the salvation that Jesus offers to imperfect humans would take hold in her heart, and that her childlike expression of faith would bear much fruit for Him.

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  1. Turtle-Dove says:

    Oh, that is sweet! My “baby” is 27 now. I miss those days.


  2. Oh, I just got chill bumps. Praise God for a gospel that includes all of us who just can’t be good!


  3. Wonderful post Sarah…we listen to our children’s prayers nightly and have since they were old enough to talk. It is wonderful hearing them talk to God and knowing what is closest to their hearts seeing their relationship with him grow as they learn more about him and all he has done and will do for us, imperfect humans.


  4. Lindsey says:

    Awww… I kind of shake in my boots at the thought of being an example to my baby this way, and teaching/showing her God’s love. I’m definitely going to be asking for God’s help with that. 🙂

    Oh and I wanted to share this from Anne of Green Gables…

    “It’s so easy to be wicked without knowing it, isn’t it?” – Anne Shirley


  5. That’s so true. Good job on seizing the teachable moment and using it for us as well! 🙂


  6. Michelle says:

    Oh what a sweet heartwarmer! Thanks for sharing! Glad I’m not alone in the struggle to be good.


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