The Universal Question: What To Get for Teacher Gifts

I have really been trying to think of an amazing way to bless my kids’ teachers this year. My schedule has been crazy this year, and I haven’t been able to volunteer or do much for the teachers. So I really want something that lets them know how much I appreciate them.

So I put out the question… where else?… Twitter! (asking questions on Twitter really “Works for Me!“) I got some great responses that I’m going to consider, and I think I might do a combination of a few of these.

Donna (@WayMoreHomemade) suggested none other than child-decorated cookies, like these at Bake at 350. (Go see the picture, they are SO cute!)I love this idea! I am going to look for those food-coloring markers because I have some little crafters here that would literally eat this activity up! (we’ll have to make a few extra for sure!)

Shannon (@Shankakes), who works at a non-profit, suggested making necklaces at the local bead shop downtown. I love supporting local family run businesses, so this is a wonderful idea as well. And again, the little crafteres would have a blast.

Then Shannon suggested something I hadn’t thought of before: It’s an amazing organization that provides micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries, and offers “Gift Certificates,” where the recipient can “lend” the money to a business owner of their choice. Brilliant, Shannon!

Christy (@sranelson) is making these adorable Mini Patchfolios, with a pen and pad inside a fabric cover. My friend Niki makes these at her ETSY shop, Niki’s Knacks. She could totally do this in adult fabric, too.

@WillBlogForShoe gave these keylets to her teachers this year, from another ETSY shop. These are adorable, and I actually have one similar to these. I love supporting fellow moms and women through ETSY.

All these great ideas, I don’t know which one we’ll settle on! What are you giving your teachers this year?

PS, I didn’t include pictures, because I didn’t know if I would have permission, so if I get permission, I’ll post some pics!

This post is included in Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family. Go over there for tons more helpful hints!

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  1. willblogforshoes says:

    Great ideas–all of them. My mom is making those little note pads. I didn’t even think about using them as teacher gifts!


  2. Jen @ One Moms World says:

    We are going to do gift baskets and I am going to let M do a handmade card with stamps to put in the basket. Her teachers have been wonderful this year to her and us as a family!


  3. Really cute ideas! I went handmade at Christmas, but for the end of the year I will probably do gift cards with a note from me and the child. Probably Target or Walmart so they can use it for classroom supplies if they like.


  4. Bridget says:

    Thanks so much for including me in your list! 🙂 Those cookies really are fun to give!


  5. Anonymous says:

    As a former teacher, there were two end of the year gifts that were very meaningful to me. One was a copy of the student’s favorite book for the classroom library. They would inscribe the inside cover. When I retired, these books brought back so many wonderful memories and were passed down to beginning teacher colleagues. Another wonderful gift was a contribution in the child/family’s name to a charity (in my case, childhood cancer). Because the little ones I taught wanted some”thing” to present to me, they would craft cards or child created thank you notes for me to use to go along with the donation. These gifts were meaningful, lasting, and truly from the heart.
    Love, Auntie Joan


  6. I am making teacher and bus driver gifts today. I think I’ve settled on wrapping giant Hershey bars for the bus drivers, and attaching a $5 restaurant card with little note from DD and myself. For her teacher, I bought some stickers and other supplies a while back. I think I’ll find a cute way to package those and enclose a note. Those are my ideas as of now… always subject to change once I get into my craft stash! 🙂

    My WFMW post today is all about how to make a diaper cake for a baby gift. It’s fun and easy! 🙂


  7. I often go to Etsy and find something homemade for our teachers.


  8. Clean and Classic Interiors says:

    What great ideas! I’m always looking for new and fun gifts. Being a teacher it means so much to be thought of in any way like that. (and when all else fails – gift cards are always nice!) Thank you!


  9. Hi there! 🙂

    Last year at the end of the year, my students gave me the coolest gift- it was "dinner in a basket." They put together a basket full of pasta, bread, sauce, parm cheese, sparkling water, and chocolate for dessert! It was so sweet, and my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the easy to make meal! 🙂

    I also sell personalized hershey nugget wrapper gift packs (you get the wrappers, bags, and ribbon from me- you supply the chocolate!) in my ebay store- they've been popular too! I plan to give my daughter's future teachers those!



  10. With the help of a few pointers from my sister, I handmade some teacher appreciation gifts. I have the photos and instructions up on my blog.

    They were fairly easy and inexpensive to make and the teachers all enjoyed them! 🙂


  11. Musings of a Housewife says:

    Great ideas! I make candy – peanut butter balls. 🙂 They are delish, and if the teacher gets overloaded with sweets, she can freeze them and eat them later.


  12. Those are OUTSTANDING ideas, gals! Now to pick just a couple! Tough task!


  13. ~*Michelle*~ says:

    We homeschool now, but in the past we would make up a big batch of trail mix (nuts, raisins, choc bits, etc) and put it in a large jelly jar for the teachers with a cute little handmade notecard.


  14. I didn’t volunteer any, because of having three kids at home and a home-based business. So, I always try to give great gifts. For the end of the year I figured she would enjoy some time for herself, so I got her a gift card to Applebee’s.


  15. Mountain Knitter says:

    we love giving gift cards to our favorite bakery in town. That way it can be a mid-morning treat with some great coffee or help with a dinner or a special dessert. My mother is a teacher and she loves to get handmade cards and then gift cards to local places. Donations are also great. We like to do that at Christmas. WIth this state-wide paycut I decided that a gc was the way i wanted to go this year.


  16. Your Frugal Friend, Niki says:

    I think most of these are great ideas but I must warn you. I used to teach and when other staffers and I received baked goods that kids told us we made we tossed them. Nothing personal, its just that you have to wonder how clean they were when they made them.


  17. turnitupmom says:

    As a former teacher, I would say to stay away from food items and candles (I have a zillion). I love the idea of supporting a charity, maybe RoomtoRead (building libraries in needy countries). A gift certificate to dinner or a teacher’s favorite store is always appreciated. Something homemade, like a necklace, shows that it’s really coming from the heart. Hope this helps!


  18. All good ideas.


  19. bloggymail says:

    Whey, this home-school mommy gets no such gifts… ha! No really, they do sooo much for me already, but I am open to receive!

    FYI: Looking to post Mercies on Thurs. Will update soon.



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