Things You Only See in the Rural South #1

A group of young men in the Taco Bell parking lot, roping each other. No, not groping, roping, as in… cowboy hats, jeans, and rodeo ropes. No lie. I must say, while being strange, it was also pretty entertaining.

Maybe they need to start a new rodeo category, cowboy wrangling. A bunch of cowboys are sent to the ring with ropes, and the one who successfully hog ties the others wins. It might just be enough to get me to join my next door neighbor, who asked us if we ever watch the rodeo channel.

Do you have any other ideas for new rodeo categories?


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  1. Kim @ Through My back door window says:

    I see this as a great new reality show. The women who ropes the cowboy first wins…him!


  2. Just so you know, this is a Wild West thing too! I’m somewhat embarassed to say I’ve been roped in a parking lot. Thankfully those boys had enough respect for me (or my Deputy Sheriff Daddy) NOT to hog tie me!


  3. kailani says:

    Hilarious! I guess people will do almost anything to pass the time. LOL!


  4. OMGoodness Amber! That is so funny! I must admit it takes a lot of skill to use those ropes!!

    @Kim: What does she win? The cowboy? 8-0


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