Traditions: Anticipating and Remembering

This week at Real Life, I’m hosting a week of Christmas Traditions, shared by guest bloggers! I am so excited to hear about other families’ traditions, and take a peek inside their holiday! Today, we have Malia from Malia is also Relationships Editor at Blissfully Domestic (@justmalia on Twitter)!

It must have started with my daughter’s first Christmas, when I took her to a local pottery studio, painted her little hand and pressed it against a round, Christmas ball ornament.
From there on out, a special ornament was purchased or made for her each year and then for my son after he came along (including his first Christmas hand print ornament). I didn’t even set out to make it a tradition, it just seemed the natural thing to do after that first year.

This tradition has even changed over the past 10 Christmases. I used to put the ornaments in their stockings but after a few years of doing that, I decided that I wanted them to have their new ornament when we decorated the tree for the season. They’ve gotten wise to that and know to expect it now. In fact, that’s really the best part of carrying on traditions isn’t it? Knowing what to expect, anticipating it, looking forward to it, wondering what it’s going to be, finding comfort and joy in something special.

There are two presents already wrapped and under the tree; my daughter knows what they are (new pajamas that they get to open on Christmas Eve) and she told her brother about it. He was mad that it’s “just clothes!” but I have a feeling that when Christmas Eve comes around and he gets to open that “just clothes!” present, he won’t be be complaining.

Santa leaves candy canes on the tree and a couple weeks ago, my son reminded me of that. He’s five and remembering things about last Christmas which is so very delightful.

Anticipating and remembering.

There are now 16 ornaments on our tree, ten for my daughter and six for my son, that they have received each Christmas since their birth. If I carry this out until they are eighteen, there will be 38. What I haven’t decided on yet is when to pass them on so that they take them into their own homes and maybe even carry the tradition on with their own children. Or will they start new ones? The ornament tradition is not one that was observed by either my or my husband’s families. The Christmas Eve present is a twist on a tradition from my upbringing and the candy cane tradition came from husband’s childhood Christmas experiences. Each generation anticipates and remembers in their own unique ways, making this season truly full of good tidings of comfort and joy.

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  1. Real Life Sarah says:

    It's so neat, Malia! This year as we got out the ornaments, my 6yo remembered the circumstances of each one! I couldn't believe it. Then she started singing a song she made up on the spot, "Christmas is the time when we remember things…"

    It really was so precious! And to think: I considered not putting up a tree this year, because we were so busy!


  2. I started the tradition with my son's first Christmas and the "Baby's First Christmas" ornament and with our daughter when she came along. Each year a special ornament was added to the collection. The Hallmark Reindeer playing soccer when my son was captain of the soccer team that year as an example. Last year when my son and his fiance had their wedding shower – I wrapped each ornament in tissue with the year, put them in a large hat box and they had 29 ornaments for the tree in their new home. I still continue the tradition.



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