Weigh-In Wednesday: A Flat Line and Some Announcements!

I’ve been doing pretty well with holding my weight steady. It’s unchanged, which I guess could be considered good. I’ve lost a few inches in my waist, which people have been noticing, and my posture is getting better.

I haven’t been as consistent lately with doing the “workout” stuff on my Wii Fit. So today, I made a new commitment to go over and above what I would normally do when I work out. Today, after I did the Hula Hoop, I ran the long run, and did several strength training exercises, especially to tone my hips and thighs. It felt really good to push myself a little bit, and I’ll see if I can keep it going.

I’ve found that it’s been so good to have the Wii Mommies to encourage me and spur me on to keep going!


We are always trying to think up new and fun ideas, and I’m making a couple of announcements about the Wii Mommies Forum, that will make it even better!

1. We will be taking applications for Forum Moderators this week! Forum moderators are invested members, who are passionate about Wii Mommies, and want to help keep the conversation moving and motivating!

Moderator positions include:

  • Hospitality Moderator: Welcome new members who post in the forum for the first time, especially in the “Make New Friends” section. Get the conversations going in any area of the forum, and actively reply to others’ posts.
  • Moderator: Wii Games to Improve your Health/Fitness If you are enthusiastic about all kinds of Wii Games, and love to chat about how to use them to stay fit, this job may be for you! Find and post articles, information and reviews about Wii Games.
  • Moderator: Because It’s Not Just For Mommies! If you enjoy involving your entire family in your Wii, and love to talk about it, use your passion to fire up the members of Wii Mommies
  • Moderator: Get Cookin’ If healthy food is your thing, you may want to moderate the Get Cookin’ forum! Find recipes, or post questions to spur the discussion on dietary issues!

If you’d like to apply to be a forum moderator for the Wii Mommies, please email Julie at julie@coolmomguide.com.

2. We will be adding a section of the forum, called “Feed Mii,” where active members (with 200+ posts in the forum) can feature their blog’s feed. It’s just another way we can support each other in our fitness, our blogging, and our lives! If you have 200+ forum posts, click here to sign up for Feed Mii.

3. In case you missed it at the Twitter Party last Friday, the Wii Mommies are going to BlogHer 09! Thanks to EA SPORTS Active, a new fitness game for the Wii, Julie, Sarah, Jenn and Cynthia will be taking Chicago by storm! And we will make sure to include you in the fun if you will be at BlogHer! Stay tuned for details about our Wii Mommies/ EA SPORTS Active Meetup, with all kinds of fun!

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  1. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    Good for you keeping your weight steady! I’m excited for you – going to BlogHer! I know you’ll have a great time. As usual, you’ll have to have extra fun for me – LOL!


  2. staying the same is better than gaining 🙂 i have still been doing the wii fit, but it’s not enough when you need to lose a lot of weight..maybe for only like 10-15 pounds, so i’ve started doing My Fitness Coach on top of a 3 mile walking dvd…have 70lbs to lose and i have hashimoto’s (my body has to work harder or it will get nowhere).


  3. I put on some, lost most of it, but still moving forward. Planning to start walking regularly now that the weather is warmer.


  4. I am right there with you..stayed the same… it is definately better than gaining!


  5. Donna @ Way More Homemade says:

    Congrats! Yes, maintaining the # while losing inches is great… means your putting on muscle. Try switching up your routine a bit & see if that helps.

    I haven't been checking the weight too much. I maintained while I was sick and wasn't exercising very much, so hoping I start to drop again. Now if I could just stop eating these sweets. 🙂



  6. Cynthia - GoodEnoughWitch.com says:

    Congrats on maintaining that’s awesome! Even that takes a lot of work when we ladies get a little older!

    But your waistline does look great…my advice look in the mirror not on the scale.

    P.S. You completely are rocking with all the great forum ideas!


  7. I am trying to do like you and make the wii time more beneficial…I am trying to make sure I work up a sweat and repeating exercises instead of just doing them once…to maintain that increased heartrate.

    Keep up the good work and I am sure you will see loses…congrats on maintaining…that is better than gaining!


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