Weigh In Wednesday: The Mysterious Vanishing Pound

Good News! Last week’s pound is nowhere to be seen! It melted with the chocolate ice cream I had this weekend!

So I am down to 153 yet again! The Wii Fit Olympics with the Wii Mommies did wonders to get me off my patootie and really work on the events! I realize that I need to do the hula hoop everyday, because my shrinking waist has begun to get ‘mushy’ again! After the 10 minute hula hoop for the Olympics, my abs were hurtin’!

Here’s my video recap of the Olympics! It was so fun! Do you want to join a community of women and men getting fit with the Nintendo Wii? Come on over and join the forum!

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  1. I won’t weigh in until my OB appointment on Friday (officially) but you KNOW I’ve been watching very carefully and I believe (crosses fingers) that I have not gained a pound this MONTH. *Bonus*!!

    I had so much fun at the Olympics too! It DID get me off my fanny as well!

    Congrats on that melting pound…if I’d known it just took a little melting ice cream…GEEZ imagine what I could do with that info…. 🙂


  2. Colleen says:

    Glad your pound melted off…You didnt sound out of breath after your hoola hoop! I am always dying when I try to get over 3400. I never did the running before and really enjoy it..so does my kiddo. I thought I would lose some weight just from the olympics, but so far the same(of course I ate ice cream on Sunday and didnt exercise, and then had mcdonalds on Monday)…so now I am trying to be good the rest of the week.


  3. The Masked Mommy says:

    Whoops! I posted in an old box first. Sorry!


  4. Mikki Black says:

    Congrats on your pound! May you never find it again. 🙂


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