What do You Think? Baby Shaker iPhone Application

Recently, Apple pulled the app for the iPhone called Baby Shaker. The shtick is this: the baby cries until you shake your phone, at which point the baby stops crying and red Xes appear on his eyes.

As a mother, I’m appalled with REAL baby shaking, although I’ve been in a couple of situations where I have had to replay the PSAs in my mind to make sure I remember! (Come on… I know you have too!) But I’m not sure if I can get offended by a phone app that is obviously cartoonish.

Beyond being stupid and pointless, should this have been pulled? What do you think?

Note: After reading some of the comments, I am realizing how serious this really may be. Be sure to weigh in your thoughts!

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  1. Heather Cobbs says:

    As a sleep-deprived Mom, I relate to making a mantra out of ‘do not shake the baby’, but I think Apple did the right thing. It’s not cool to make light of child abuse.


  2. Katie @ goodLife {eats} says:

    definitely uncool to turn something so serious into a joke or game. glad to hear they pulled it!


  3. Coma Girl says:

    I think it’s pretty bad, but the iPhone is geared to the “young” crowd and I think they thought it would be funny and hoped no one would take it seriously.

    Unfortunately there are people out there who are – for a lack of a better word – stupid. In NY we recently had 2 cases of shaken babies – both by young guys (under 25).

    I’m glad they pulled it.


  4. Yeah, you guys are right: better safe than sorry. And what a horrible PR move for the company!


  5. Anonymous says:

    With two young children (29 and 11 months), and complicated by recurrent bouts of depression, there are numerous times when I have felt just that angry. Times when I desperately wanted to shake my children, just to stop the noise. BUT – I didn’t. I reminded myself that God has given them to me to love and nurture, not to hurt them. I fear that desperation, and each day I defeat that urge is a victory. Having said that, for someone to make a joke out of my (and I know it’s not personal) particular demon? Not funny, on any level. Not cool. I’m so glad they pulled it. Why would anyone even think of it? What’s next, kick the cat applications?


  6. Wow! Thank you for sharing. I am no stranger to depression and anxiety, so I feel for you.

    You know, you’re right that sometimes people who don’t struggle with issues find it easy to joke about, but for some, it just brings up the hurt.


  7. Jan @ Struck by Serendipity says:

    I can’t believe they added it in the first place. Disgusting.


  8. I’m so glad they pulled the app. I find it disappointing that it was created in the first place. I’ve worked with babies who have permanent damage from being shaken. It is so sad to see the potential of a baby snatched away forever because they were shaken. It’s a struggle, to be sure, to calm a screaming baby. I don’t think anything, cartoonish, jokish or otherwise should encourage shaking a baby. They don’t quiet until there’s damage and then it’s too late. Yeah, I’m glad they pulled it.


  9. Katie @ makingthishome.com says:

    The comments here are really interesting. What a scary app. Then again, this man became crazy rich for the app he invented. All it does is make a fart noise.


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