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Ask a Mom Blogger

Welcome to the second installment of “Ask a Mom Blogger!”  Our weekly advice column for bloggers, where we can share our tips, tricks, and how-to information with each other! Each Thursday, I’ll post a reader question and we can go to town in the comments! Last week, we talked about how to get more traffic to your blog.

Today’s question comes from Lindsey at Campfire Song:

What makes an awesome blog design?

So what would YOU tell Lindsey about good blog design? So give us your advice in the comments below. Reading this in a RSS Reader? Click here to comment


Ask a Mom Blogger

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  1. Athalia
    Twitter: athaliacritcher

    Readability and navigation.


  2. Huge headers that take up my entire screen when I first land on your page are slightly overwhelming. Simple can be best! Too many blog buttons, too big/gaudy of a header and a small content area are big no-no’s.


  3. A clean look that’s easy on the eyes and well laid out. Search bar, menu, contact info – all should be easy to find. I don’t want to scroll forever to find your GFC link or have to hunt to figure out how to follow you on Twitter.


  4. Lena
    Twitter: Lenasledge

    A blog that makes it easy for me to comment and find information quickly without having to click several links to find what I’m looking for. Also, have one central theme for design, for instance if your design consist of a butterly theme stick with it, don’t have butterflies, stars, kittens and rainbows.


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