What’s That S’pposed to Mean?

My kids often say things to me, that upon later pondering, I have to say, “Wait, what’s that s’pposed to mean!?”  Here’s a good one:

Hip Chick (9yo): “Mom, what are you doing tomorrow?”

Me: “Well, I’m going to write a little in the morning, then I have a meeting before I pick you up from school.”

Hip Chick: “So, does that mean you’ll be dressed up?”

Me: “Um… not ‘dressed UP’, but… ya know… dressed.”

… a few hours later…

Hey!  What’s THAT s’pposed to mean?

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  1. Coma Girl says:

    It means when you pick her up from school tomorrow, you should be wearing a dress, heals and your finest June Cleaver pearls 😉


    Twitter: reallifesarah

    Oh, yes! I opted for the cocktail dress, though. You know, I go above and beyond!


  2. I love it. My daughter always asks if I am going to put on makeup. Well, no, not to take you to school. “Not even lip gloss?” 😉


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