When Five Year Olds Get Mad

After I scolded Princess one day, she came and handed me this note. As I deciphered the Kindergarten spelling, I couldn’t help but snicker… and feel pretty proud of her for sounding out all these words! She started to laugh, too, and I hugged her and said, “Oh, no! You don’t like me anymore! I guess you were pretty angry, huh?” She smiled and reassured me that she did, in fact, like me again.

Don’t you just love it when little ones express their emotions?


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  1. fairyflutters says:

    That is priceless!


  2. Scrapbooking Mom says:

    Oh my, that’s so cute. It’s amazing at how they can now express their anger. That note deserves to be preserved. I have a tendency to keep things like that so I can put them in my scrapbook. I love documenting things. Good luck!


  3. Crafty Mom says:

    That’s really something. Your daughter is so adorable. It’s great how they can easily snap out of their anger. I had a similar note that my mom kept all through these years. Try keeping the note in the album or in the scrapbook so you both will laugh together once she gets older. Good luck!


  4. Coma Girl says:

    How cute is that!! That is something you have to save and show her when she’s older.


  5. Lessa...... says:

    I just got one yesterday that said “NO PAriNTs ALOWed” that was taped haphazardly to her bedroom door. She was being punished for BITING me! Little monster! LOL


  6. How cute! My daugh is 26 now but when she was about 6 I said no to one of her requests. She looked at me and said “When I grow up and you grow down, I’m not going to let you do that either!” LOL


  7. Noah has been writing his feelings in his “diary” lately and I have periodically written a love note back to him and left it for him to find. He always comes to me and thanks me, no matter how he was feeling before.


  8. RealMom:
    I have to take issue with your translation, and don’t know how you read such a negative message into such a loving communication from Princess. It has been shown in studies that children with royal tendencies have an uncanny ability to speak using acronymic code. What she really said was: “Yo mommy! IOU Whole Total Love in Christ. Wow Mommy!” You should feel pretty good about having such a repentent daughter.


  9. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    Oh that is awesome – isn’t it fun when they can start expressing themselves by writing! 🙂



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