Why Bloggers Should Attend Local Social Media Business Workshops

And that is just about the most boring title ever, but I wanted it to be very clear!  I believe that local area small businesses are the single most overlooked clients for professional bloggers, especially mom bloggers.

I have the priviledge of speaking at two Social Media Classes in North Carolina, as well as running my own here in Boone. (Talk of the Town Workshop).

  • This Friday, February 19, I’m excited to go to Asheville to speak with the fabulous Kelby Carr (@typeamom) Kelby has organized Asheville Social Media Business Courses, hosted by the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • Next Tuesday, February 23, I’ll be going down to Winston-Salem for  my second time speaking at 140ology (@140ology)!  It was so fun to present case studies in Social Media Success as well as action points to get the ball rolling at the first Workshop!  Brian Leimone (@brianleimone) has a unique gift for explaining the philosophy of social media/relationship marketing to those who have not heard before.  The 140ology Workshop is hosted by Le Print Express (@leprintexpress) in Winston.
  • On the first Tuesday of each month, I teach Talk of the Town, with my team members Scott Dickson (@shdickson) and Boomer Sassman (@bigboomdesign).  Our workshop is hosted by the Broyhill Inn (@broyhill_inn), which is doing great things with social media!

The national (international) blogging world is SO saturated with review bloggers, spokesbloggers, social media gurus, etc.  that it can be daunting to try to get to the top!  I would NEVER say don’t try to get to the top of the scene!  Go for it, you can do it!

However, you can build your credibility along the way by thinking local. You know, think globally, act locally.  I know I’m taking that slogan totally out of context, but it makes sense, doesn’t it?  You may not be Chris Brogan, Unmarketing5 Minutes for Mom, or even Dooce. But in your sphere of influence, you may have expertise to offer.

I am passionate about small town businesses and local economies, easpecially having many business owner friends.  You can help them

  1. become an early adopter of the new marketing methods that will put them heads above the rest.
  2. reach beyond the local market to create that small town, “I know you” feel in a national market.

You can also enrich your own social media use and blogging business

  1. learn how to introduce social media to those who know very little about it. Many business owners who attend want to  “start at the very beginning,” as Julie Andrews would say sing .
  2. learn business owners’ marketing goals so you can better address them.
  3. meet local business owners, and find businesses who might want to be featured on your blog.


So speaking of capitalizing on your local influence, I would like to meet with any Bloggers who attend 140ology next Tuesday in Winston-Salem. Have you been thinking about getting more invloved in your local social media community?

We can talk about

  • Establishing credibility in the field
  • reaching out locally
  • blogging locally
  • marketing yourself as a speaker
  • any other questions you have

140ology is scheduled from 9AM to 4PM, and I thought we could get together at 4:45 for an early dinner or snack at the hotel restaurant!

Want to come to the Workshop for free?  If you refer 5 attendees, your registration is FREE!  So gather up some business owners, and come on over to Winston Salem next Tuesday!

Click here to register for 140ology, and just leave a comment here telling me you’d like to meet afterward for dinner! Even after the earlybird price ($99) goes up to $149, bloggers can still attend for $99 with the discount code REALLIFESARAH

PS  Yeah, I know it’s short notice, but just get your butt over there so I can meet you!

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I'm a mom, blogger, vlogger, libertarian. I love Jesus, and my husband, too. Social Media Strategist for a Non-Profit (All statements here are solely my own)


  1. Mama Laundry
    Twitter: MamaLaundry

    As a blogger and a small business owner, I would love to attend! I’m sure the content would apply to my situation in more ways than one. Unfortunately, I can’t schedule myself for anything else the next month or so.

    This sounds fabulous! Would love to read a re-cap. 🙂



  2. brian leimone
    Twitter: brianleimone

    @MamaLaundry our next workshop is scheduled for April 13th. Registration should be up in a few days. Love to see you when you can fit it in your schedule.


  3. I’ve been trying to find something similar in the NoVA or DC area, but I haven’t found anything yet. I did attend two classes at our local Women’s Business Center, but it was more “intro to Facebook, intro to Twitter” type info, which I self-taught in the two years I’ve been blogging. I’d love to network the way you’re describing.

    Hope your session goes well!


  4. Great post! I think if more people think “Social Media Inward” to their community then everyone will have a better understanding of what social media is. Furthermore, small businesses can find a way to market within an affordable budget.

    Love what you are doing girlfriend!
    .-= Jen Hinton´s last blog ..Classy SALE items! =-.


  5. I was just talking about this with Husband over the weekend! I wish I could attend your presentation, alas, I’m in the San Diego area. Where would you suggest that I start? Have a blueprint?
    .-= NotJustAnotherJen´s last blog ..BigBoy’s on Speed =-.


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