Why I’m Sort of Afraid of Diversity…

Because I make mistakes.  I sometimes say things that offend people without realizing it.  People hurt, and it makes me so sad that it was at my words.


I don’t know if our society is more sensitive in the last several years, or if being on social media has made me see it more. People, in general, are easily offended.  Even I (I’m pretty hard to offend) have been terribly hurt at times when reading an offhand remark, only to realize later that the person had no malice and needed my grace and forgiveness.

If I’m honest (and I always am, that’s part of the problem), sometimes it makes me want to ignore diverse populations, rather than fully embrace.  I have dear friends with special needs, friends with diverse racial, socioeconomic, political, and religious backgrounds, and I love them.  It’s because I love them that I feel like retreating sometimes… hiding out.  I hate when I hurt people.  But it is SO hard to consistently monitor for something that might possibly rub them the wrong way.

I shouldn’t feel this way. But I do.  I cried tonight after I inadvertently hurt a friend.  It happens rarely, and it cuts me to the heart every time.

Do you ever feel this way?  What can be done? Is it perhaps that God wants to keep us with a humble, repentant heart, which can only happen when we realize we are weak?

The tongue has the power of life and death,
and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Proverbs 18:21


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  1. MangoChutney says:

    If it’s a friend, they should know you and understand your intent.
    I’ve been “other” all my life and I usually know if their trying
    To be offensive, just ignorant , or trying to say something but keep
    Digging a hole for themselves. If they really know your character
    Then they should just take you from “previous reference” and keep on
    Living. Sometimes there are things you can say that are a pure no no, and
    Sometimes you should listen and let someone else dig the hole. It happens.


    Cindy Reply:

    Yeah, what Mango said! Also, were you truly offensive, or did you just gore somebody else sacred ox? You’re a sweet person and you’re so careful not to offend! (I could take a few lessons from you, maybe?) Maybe you’re not as much to blame as you think you are. IF you are, though, I’m glad you’re so soft-hearted about it.


  2. Jaime
    Twitter: cjoy2day

    Love you girl, thanks for your honesty. I think we both have that bold transparent personality. We just dont see how others cant be that way sometimes. I’m one of those too who just needs to say my peace and be done with it but often times the offended party doesn’t just get over it like I would.

    You cant be responsible for how everyone feels. But you can be responsible to try and make it right. Ask for forgiveness and whether it’s given or not move on.

    You are such a great person, so loving and caring. Hard for me to imagine you hurting anyone. Miss you girl!


  3. Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig
    Twitter: StaceyNerdin

    As many scriptures as there are about being kind and loving and realizing the power of words, there are just as many about not being easily offended, and about being forgiving. I really try to keep this in mind in my relationships with people. I would hope that someone – especially a friend – would give you the benefit of the doubt and understand your true heart and intentions. We are all free to be upset and offended, but if we let that linger, it’s our problem, not anyone else’s. I’m sorry you are feeling so sad about this situation, and I hope you feel a resolution to it soon!


  4. Tiffany says:

    As one of your friends of color let me start by saying that I can never imagine you doing/saying anything INTENTIONALLY to be hurtful. With that said, all of us have a responsibility to put our personal relationships with one another FIRST and FOREMOST beyond any group affiliation- be it religious, racial or whatever. So, I have an obligation to respond to you as MY FRIEND first and, if needed, then from my perspective as a Black woman. God has called us to love above all else and that’s a mutual obligation. Don’t let an unfortunate incident cause you to shy away from what God has called us all to do– be salt and light!!! And in this case, maybe the light you are sharing is the humanity we all have in common. You are loved and appreciated beyond belief and you openness has been a blessing to many!


  5. There are just some people who are very sensitive. I forehand is a sensitive person. I really get hurt easily even if the person didn’t mean what he or she said. My advice is you just also have to be sensitive to other people’s feelings. I know a person who is very mean and when I confronted him, he simply said that it was just the tone of his voice. Maybe if you just listen and watch the words that come out of your mouth, everything will be okay.

    Just be strong and apologize to your friend. I hope this advice helps and everything will be alright with you and your friend too.


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