Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkini… or Gourdkin?

Oh, PumpkinFlower, oh, PumpkinFlower… whattheheck are you, PumpkinFlower?

A Pumpkini?

A Gourdkin?

What do you think?

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  1. Jyl @ MommyGossip says:

    That's hilarious! Our gardens are similar. I'll post my pumkini pic soon :).


  2. Knit Purl Gurl says:

    What do you do with a pumpkin-zucchini hybrid? I'd love to know how to prepare something like this and how it tastes!


  3. ScrappinMichele says:

    Very interesting! Wonder how it tastes???


  4. Carolina John says:

    well, pumpkins are a type of gourd. anyway you look at it, it seems like a good side dish at dinner one night.


  5. Either one will make a great cake!


  6. Vegetable Gardening says:

    Hey! Just wanted to give kudos on the great posts. Keep them coming! 🙂


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