Yes, I’m a Carolina Girl!

For the longest time on Real Life, I did not disclose my location, because of internet paranoia. For better or worse, I’ve become more comfortable with people really knowing me, and sometimes
it really does create more trust. I began thinking, “What do book and magazine authors do?” “What if I want to take things farther on a national scene and really start to connect with other bloggers?” (Which I am doing)

And since I have “come out of the closet,” I’ve found such awesome bloggers right here in my own state, even in my own town!!

Carolina Mama is one of those. She was kind enough to interview me for her Carolina Girls – the Interview feature! So click over and read it, and be sure to let her know if you are a “Carolina Girl”

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I'm a mom, blogger, vlogger, libertarian. I love Jesus, and my husband, too. Social Media Strategist for a Non-Profit (All statements here are solely my own)


  1. Jordan (MamaBlogga) says:


    But, um, please tell me you’re not a Carolina fan. Please?


  2. Nice to “meet” ya! Currently in Florida (yuck), I was born in Augusta GA and spent most of my growing-up years in North Augusta, SC — so some days I’m Georgian, other days I’m a Carolina girl but I’m ALWAYS southern!


  3. Hi; here from Carolina Mama – it’s nice to meet you! I live in the country in Western NC, too, and I LOVE it! It’d be pretty funny if we live in the same small town.


  4. PreppyBumpkin says:

    Great interview with Carolina Girl! I love that you grew up in Cary & moved to NW NC…I did exactly the opposite (and boy do I miss my Blue Ridge mountains!)


  5. Jordan, I hate to disappoint you, but… YES! We are Carolina Fans! But I have lots of friends that are Duke Fans, really!


  6. Wendy, that would be so funny! I met a blogger from my town, because her daughter is one of my daughter’s friends at school! She recognized her from one of my videos, and said, “Hey mommy, she goes to my school!” It was wild!


  7. Good interview! Nice to know you are a Carolina girl, as I am also (SC).


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