Your Life, Your Blog 6/8

Hey Fabulous Bloggers! It’s time for the weekly linkfest, where you can link up ABSOLUTELY any post you wish to promote. I will be stumbling and tweeting some of them, and I encourage you to do the same!

I’m heading out tto the pool with the kiddos, so I’ll check back in later!

let’s hear what’s going on in your life- and your blog! I’ll be stumbling and tweeting some of the posts as well, and I encourage you to do the same!

  • Every Monday on Real Life, I post a linky where ou can share any post from the previous week on your blog! That way, I can go through and read them, and you can too!
  • The only guideline is that it must be reated PG! This is a family blog, folks! You can share your life with your kids, a funny commentary, a contest you’re hosting, reviews, an informative post, video, anything, really!
  • Read, comment and stumble! Please link back to this post, so others can join in! (You can just put a small phrase at the bottom of the post, like “This post included in Real Life’s Your Life Your Blog” or include the button). Please spread the word, because this carnival will be more effective if lots of people are linking and reading. And each Monday, the links from the previous “Your Life, Your Blog” will be converted to “real” links. It’s all about the love, right?

Here’s the code for the button if you’d like to display it on your blog:

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”your life your blog” /></a>

If the Mr. Linky is out of commission, link in the comments. I promise I’ll add them as real links in this post after a while. It’s all about the link love!

1. Vanderbilt Wife (Family Recipe Fridays)
2. The Daily Mercies
3. Stop And Smell the Chocolates
4. Givng Up on Perfect (online Bible Study)
5. Nicole Wick
6. Sarah Mae (My Top 5 Tips For Successful Blogging)
7. Mac & Cheese Soup anyone?
8. Amber @ Classic Housewife (lullabies)
9. punkinmama
10. It Feels Like Chaos
11. Chris was here!
12. Tracey@Aloha Monkeys
13. Miss Stacey’s Bookshelf
14. Newlyweds (Refrigerator Pickles)
15. Hil’s Blog – 5 Minute Jell-o
16. Jenn @ The Coupon Coup
17. Sara (Caramel Chocolate Bars)
18. Jen @ One Moms World (Sisters Perform)
19. Active_Boy
20. Connie S
21. Mari Taylor (raleighgirl)
22. Terry Matlen
23. Michelle
24. southeastcountrywife
25. Alexia

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  1. VanderbiltWife says:

    Yummy cabbage rolls and other great recipe links!

    Family Recipe Fridays


  2. Here's our link Sarah: Rena and Ginger (The Daily Mercies…)


  3. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    I decided to link up one of my rare serious posts from last week about my mother.


  4. Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect says:

    I'm starting an online Bible study tonight. We'll be doing Jennifer Rothschild's "Me, Myself & Lies" about self talk. EVERYONE is welcome to join in!


  5. Nicole Wick says:

    Sarah, I linked (twice by accident!) My Adoption Story. It's a very personal story that I wrote to explain why I am so passionate about international orphan relief efforts. I hope that through sharing it others will be moved to answer the James 1:27 call.



  6. I'm doing the 30-day EA Active Challenge and I'm down 6lbs this week. 🙂


  7. Tracey@Aloha Monkeys says:

    Another milestone for my baby monkey. No more training wheels for him. Yay!

    Have a great week!


  8. Miss Stacey says:

    Just wanted to let you know about the latest review of a great kid's book – "Llama,llama, Red Pajama"


  9. Love this, so fun! My 5-minute Jell-o recipe is a LIFESAVER, go check it out.


  10. Farmer*swife says:

    I've got two! Here is my latest publication posted at Root & Sprout!

    I'll share my home blog link when today's vlog/giveaway is posted! 🙂


  11. Six In The Northwest says:

    Can't wait to read everyone's posts. Mine is fairly long…a bit of a tribute to our oldest, DD19, who will be graduating from community college on Friday. It can be hard squeezing a lot of emotion, pride, and love into a small post LOL.


  12. Farmer*swife says:
  13. southeastcountrywife says:

    i had attempted to sign the mr linky and do it according to the rules. either i didn't use the mr linky right or i did something wrong and got myself deleted because i looked like a spammer!! could you please let me know? 🙂


  14. Michelle says:

    A new site for all those mom's who take their job seriously. WE'll share ideas and tips on parenting, home decorating, organization, recipes, gardening and more.


  15. Oh. no! I didn't delete any., but Mr. Linky is being feisty these days! Leave it in the comments and I'll get it added!


  16. southeastcountrywife says:

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