"Your Life Your Blog": August 10, 2009

It’s Baaaaaack! I have been running around the town (and the country) like a chicken with my head cut off this summer! What happened to all the “relaxation time” I was going to have this summer?!

your life your blog

Now, let’s hear what’s going on in your life- and your blog! I’ll be stumbling and tweeting some of the posts as well, and I encourage you to do the same!

  • Every Monday on Real Life, I post a linky where you can share any post from the previous week on your blog! That way, I can go through and read them, and you can too!
  • The only guideline is that it must be reated PG! This is a family blog, folks! You can share your life with your kids, a funny commentary, a contest you’re hosting, reviews, an informative post, video, anything, really!
  • Read, comment and stumble! Please link back to this post, so others can join in! (You can just put a small phrase at the bottom of the post, like “This post included in Real Life’s Your Life Your Blog” or include the button). Please spread the word, because this carnival will be more effective if lots of people are linking and reading. And each Monday, the links from the previous “Your Life, Your Blog” will be converted to “real” links. It’s all about the love, right?

Here’s the code for the button if you’d like to display it on your blog:

<a href=”http://www.reallifeblog.net/search/label/Your%20Life%20Your%20Blog”><img src=”http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk253/RealLifeDesign/Real%20Life/YourLifeYourBlog.gif” alt=”your life your blog” /></a>

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  1. Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility says:

    How FUN!!! I'll have to keep this in mind before I publish something fun this week! 🙂


  2. Amber @ Classic Housewife says:

    I'm so glad you brought this back, I only got to participate in it just the one time. Yay! 🙂

    My linked post is our eventful happening for the week last week. Our fiddler crab (we've only had him a couple weeks) molted and the kids really had a lot of fun seeing the old husk in the tank – as well as the new claw and leg he'd regenerated during the process. Took some good pics, too. Well, have a great Monday!



  3. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    You're soooo busy!! Thank you for taking the time to do this Sarah!


  4. What a great thing you are doing here for bloggers! THANK YOU!!!


  5. Monica@DailyDwelling says:

    This is my first time linking up here….this looks like an excellent idea!!! Thank you!


  6. Carolina Mama says:

    Am baccck too toyour RealLife fun! Thanks for the activity. Here's to the new school year!


  7. Tracey@Aloha Monkeys says:

    Yay! You're back! It HAS been a busy summer. One more week of VBS for my family, THEN we can get back to our normal lazy bones schedule. 🙂


  8. MommaDJane says:

    How fun! I plan to try and visit all the other links as well and comment.


  9. (waving) Hi Sarah!


  10. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) says:

    I'm getting back into the groove…and only 16 days until Princess Nagger goes back to school so I'll be even groovier! 😉


  11. Julie@Momspective says:

    I'm getting my comment on today, I'll check these out!


  12. I am brand new to your blog and a day late but will come back again next Monday and be on time! My post covers the recent words of Whole Foods CEO John Mackey "We sell a bunch of junk…" and offers a few personal observations. It's great to find another real foods/natural living blog carnival!


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