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Today’s tip is for Blog Buttons! It’s not so much how to make a blog button, as the size recommendations.  Sometimes I really want to share a button on my sidebar, but the size gets in the way.  And since switching to this new template there are some limitations as far as space.

Most blogger have a very full sidebar, so bigger is not necessarily better (in the words of  Trish).  The MOST common size for blog buttons is 125 x 125 pixels.  I really like to have clusters of 125 buttons, and I might rotate several through the same spot.

These days, I would definitely make your default buttons 125 square. And remember that if you put a shadow behind your button, that will most likely make it bigger than 125.

Other popular sizes are:

  • 150 pixels square
  • 120 x 140 is OK for special occasions or events

Of course, you can make your blog button whatever size you’d like, but you’ll have a better chance of getting it posted if you keep it at 125 square, in my opinion.  Check out IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Guidelines for more standard ad sizes

What do you think?  What size do you like your buttons?



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I'm a mom, blogger, vlogger, libertarian. I love Jesus, and my husband, too. Social Media Strategist for a Non-Profit (All statements here are solely my own)


  1. Wow! I was the second to link! 🙂
    I tried to add your button to my sidebar, but I think I’m doing something wrong and it won’t show up. I;ll try again tomorrow.
    .-= Lori´s last blog ..Note from my Bible =-.


  2. 125 X125 definitely 😉
    I am SO excited for Blissdom! 😉 hee hee


  3. oh amanda
    Twitter: oohamanda

    Hmmm…I usually make them 150. But you’re right, I *do* like them to be all the same regardless. 🙂



    Twitter: reallifesarah

    Yeah, sometimes 125 isn’t enough space to fit everything!


    oh amanda
    Twitter: oohamanda

    I’m pretty sure that’s it…I’m not that great on photoshop… 😉
    .-= oh amanda´s last blog ..My New Favorite =-.


  4. Catherine B
    Twitter: shoeboxdaily

    Thanks for the advice on buttons. Getting some done this week so this is very timely! 🙂
    .-= Catherine B´s last blog ..This is not how it was supposed to go =-.


  5. I like 125 x 125 size.
    .-= Saph @ Frugal Wife Blog´s last blog ..Gamers Online Focus Group =-.


  6. I’m a fan of 125X125 too. I am also ocd, and like when they’re the same!! Great post and tip 🙂

    Found your blog through @oohamanda on Twitter!
    .-= Ashley@ Just Another Mom of 2´s last blog ..52 to Fabulous Challenge – Week 3 =-.


  7. I always seem to be working on projects when people blog about the same thing.

    I’ve been working on my sidebar and I am OCD as well. Personally, I use 150 wide parallel side bar so I would prefer a 150×150. Though if it’s larger, I just resize to fit. I have a button on there right now that is 125×125 and it’s not centered and it’s bugging me. Don’t look!

    Guess I will end up doing two sizes for people to use: pick your poison.
    .-= Tickled Pink Twice´s last blog ..My New Hobby =-.


  8. Mommie Daze
    Twitter: mommiedaze

    I’m with you. I like the 125×125, and it’s nice when they’re all orderly and the same size.
    .-= Mommie Daze´s last blog ..All That and a Case of Chips =-.


  9. Perfect timing on this tip! My button is 125 x 125, but I have been wondering if I should make it larger. I like the way the larger ones look, but I was hesitant to make mine bigger. I HATE IT when buttons are all different sizes. It seriously bothers me. Now I have my answer…I’m leaving it at 125 x 125!! 🙂
    .-= Erin @ Closing Time´s last blog .. =-.


  10. If somebody’s button size doesn’t suit me, I just change it when I post it (if I think of it. I still have several that need fixin’). I prefer 125×125, too. I hope editing other people’s buttons is not rude of me or something.
    .-= Cindy´s last blog ..Sealy Posturepedic Giveaway =-.


  11. Brandy
    Twitter: brandyellen

    Great tips! Going to find a blog post now to link up!
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..My Kitties Need Things =-.


  12. Hi, Sarah. I am a relatively new blogger and I admit, I know virtually nothing about buttons! I’ve been a bit of a voyeur here at Real Life and just figured out my Google Reader stopped updated your site since mid December, so I’ve been missing out. Thanks for the button tips!
    .-= Melissa @Cellulite Investigation´s last blog ..The Methods to Our Cellulite-Investigating Madness =-.


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