Your Shape: Breakout Virtual Fitness for Wii

Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy (includes Motion-Tracking Camera)

It was with bated breath that I opened the package to the new virtual fitness program from Ubisoft-
Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy
I was really excited to try this because as they say on the website, it “Feature[s] an exclusive camera (the first for Wii!), the game detects your movements so that Jenny McCarthy, your in-game workout buddy and guide, can correct your form as you exercise.

The Wii Mommies have been so priveledged to be the first in-home reviewers of the new product, and Ubisoft furnished the product for our review. We’ll be continuing to use the product along with the EA SPORTS Active and Wii Fit Plus and we’d love for you to come along with us! Comment on our blog, and join our community for support, answers, and fun!

The cool, never before seen featured of this game are:

  • No remotes, straps, wires, or boards! You can workout with whatever you have, and move around the room unencumbered! You have the option of using a balance ball, exercise step (really cool), or weights.
  • Interactive camera scans your body and tracks your movements. This is really cool, because you can actually see your image on the screen.
  • Use the game on your Wii or on your computer! No more lugging your Wii on vacation, and you could theoretically take it to work for a quick 15 minute workout during lunch! I could have used this feature when I was at the beach last summer!
  • Choose the areas of the body you’d like to work on in order to customize your workouts. For example, I chose “tone” on my thighs and “strength” for my arms. They have a three week program for mothers, a routine to get ready for bikini season, one for peace of mind and stress and another for New Year’s resolutions.

My experience:

I finally got into the Your Shape around 11:30PM Wednesday night, but I was so anxious to try it and let you know how I fared, that I went ahead and did a 15 minutes workout, after setting up my profile.

The set up and body scanning process was very quick and easy, and it was cool being able to see my actual body on the screen. I think it helps with form, because you can actually compare your body to the cyber Jenny McCarthy.

I started with the 15 minute workout, and I was surprised to work up a huge sweat right away, and get a great short workout! I started with the medium fitness level. Your Shape is able to use many traditional “aerobics class” moves, since you don’t need remotes and have greater lateral movement ability. I’m also anxious to try it with an aerobic step.

In my opinion, here are the pros:

  • Easy set up and customization.
  • I love Jenny McCarthy, although she is sometimes sickeningly bubbly! I’m pretty sure we’ll be BFFs in no time!
  • Watch yourself as you do the motions to check your form. (although that can also be disturbing- 😉
  • Wonderful cardio and toning, and fat burning workout! It’s probably the most intense one I’ve tried so far… in a good way!
  • The moves are strung together very tightly, so there are no waiting screens or “clicking” between activities.
  • Options for length of workout. I like that I can choose from 15 minutes on up depending on the amount of time I have.
  • It really makes you do the arm movements big, which makes a huge difference in aerobic exercise and getting your heart rate up.
  • The game recommends a workout calendar for you based on your goals, not a standard program. (see issues below)

Here are some small issues to address:

  • The on-screen picture from the webcam is slightly delayed, so you have to be sure and watch the demo, instead of yourself. Sometimes I got off beat with her because I was watching myself in delay. I’m sure I’ll get used to this quickly.
  • The aerobic moves are pretty simple if you’ve done aerobics classes before, but some of them might be hard to catch on to, for a beginner. Don’t worry, though, as long as you’re moving and keeping your heart rate up, you’ll achieve your goals.
  • The room has to be empty for the camera to work most efficiently. If your kids are moving in the background, it may not track you as well.
  • The game recommended a workout calendar, but the workout days were exactly opposite to the ones I could do. (it recommended Tues/Thursday, and I need Monday/Wednesday) I couldn’t figure out a way to delete those days and select the day I need, except to do it one day at a time.

The verdict:

Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy
is a big WIN for home fitness enthusiasts! I am really excited to continue using this product! I’m particularly excited about the intense cardio workout, since I would like to build stamina for my return to the dance world this year. The benefits thoroughly outweigh the issues and I couldn’t believe the energy I had after this short workout! (remind me not to do it at midnight any more!)

I plan to add a video on Sunday when I get back home from the Thanksgiving holiday, so check back then!

Did you write about any fitness related issue this week? Link up to Wii Mommies Fitness Friday, and read more there!

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  1. I SOOO want one!!

  2. This looks great! I really want every fitness program that comes out for the Wii… I think I'm a junkie. lol

    Great review!

  3. I work with Your Shape as the blogger and "voice"/spokesperson (you can read the blog on their website-, and I am thrilled that you love it! I do too 🙂 Just did 45 minutes, Abs, Burn, plus Hand Weights and it was AMAZING!

    I noticed your note about the calendar, and you actually can adjust its recommended days and times to workout. All you do is go into each day and you will see up and down arrows next to the suggested time. Adjust those up (as high as 90 minutes) or down (as low as 0 minutes- which would mean a day off).

    That's one of the things that makes the game so easy to fit into anyone's fitness lifestyle- it can be completely customized to your needs, time restraints, and goals. Anyway, have fun!!!

  4. … sorry, the max time is 75 minutes. I just loaded up the game again and realized… 😉

  5. I added this to my wish list a couple months ago…maybe I can get lucky and get it soon! I guess this will have to be one I do while Zach is in school, as he loves to work out along side me.

  6. Laurel, do you know if there is any way to fix the delay in your movements onscreen so that way looking at yourself onscreen won't be so distracting?

  7. Thanks for the review. I have a few quarks I found on it too. But about the video I realized that even if the game doesn’t register my movements, I am still working out and that is all that matters. I know I did it.
    .-= Philippa´s last blog ..New Years Resolutions =-.

  8. Julie Davis
    Twitter: finntannermom

    I got this and I was disappointed. I already own wii personal fitness trainer and everything I have done so far is the same workout. The only difference is now I see myself. If I had known it was going to be basically the same thing I would not wasted my money. Don’t get me wrong I like personal fitness trainer but I don’t need 2.

  9. Sarah
    Twitter: reallifesarah

    Oh, Julie, are you talking about My Fitness Coach? I have actually never used My Fitness Coach. I just really like the personalization, where you can choose the part of the body you want to work on and whether you want to tone, strengthen, or burn.