Fitness Friday: Your Shape New Years’ Challenge and Tips

Well, here it is: the first week of the new year! Last Friday, we turned the corner into a new year, new goals and resolutions.  How’d you do?

According to Clinical psychologist John Norcross on,

When you look at what we called the survival curves, about 75 percent of resolvers will be successful for one week, and then that just gradually drops down to about the 40 to 46 percent at six months.

Hopefully Wii Mommies can help you beat those odds and accomplish your fitness goals for the year! If you’ve written about fitness or health this week, link up at the Wii Mommies website and share your progress!

I started the New Year’s Resolution challenge that’s built in to the Your Shape Game for the Wii last Friday. The challenge includes short workouts, designed to get you into the habit without overwhelming you.  These workouts are not, however, easy.  The first one had me doing 10 V poses in the abs section!  The V pose is a monstrous creation of some sadistic personal trainer, where you lay on the floor, then simultaneously lift your legs and upper body into a V. Then, if that’s not enough torture, you have to slowly lower back down to a laying position.  10 TIMES, people!  It killed me, but it felt good!

Them today, I had to do three planks holds.  Sure, it looks easy, but I never knew my abs and legs could both tremble so much at the same time!

I am faux-complaining a little bit (slight hyperbole), but these workouts are only 15 minutes long.  I can do that.  I top it off with a 2.5 hour dance class on Thursday nights, so I know I’m getting enough aerobic acivity!

While doing my workout this morning, I thought of some tips I wanted to share to help you get the most from Your Shape.

  1. Don’t worry too much about the % or Jenny saying “follow me“, just do your best and get your heart rate up. Exaggerate your arm movements to maximize your workout.  I haven’t really figured out what they want me to “correct” on some of the motions, but I don’t let it drive me crazy.
  2. Use a light source in front of you, like a window or a bright lamp. Turn off light sources behind you to get the best reading from the camera.
  3. Wear shorts, rather than dark pants. For some reason, it picks up my legs better when I wear shorts- maybe the contrast/reflection  from my pale pasty winter legs!
  4. When doing Squats/Lunges,  don’t go past a 90 degree angle with your knees, and make sure you can see your toes at all times.  If your knees go past your toes, you’ll be in danger of injuring or straining them.
  5. Let your children try to chart a path through the room without appearing in the camera. If you see them in the camera, they are tagged and have to go back to the beginning.  My kids have had so much fun with this, they didn’t even think about running through the camera shot!
  6. Have your water close, because this workout goes fast, and once you start, you can’t pause!

So that’s all I got this week, folks!  Tell me how your fitness goals are coming along in the comments, and join me today as I host Wii Mommies Blog Talk Radio with Jenn at 1PM est!

Click below to check out the Your Shape Fitness Program for the Wii!
Your Shape: Nintendo Wii

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  1. Louise
    Twitter: momstart

    Those are some great tips, I think most exercises are created by sadistic trainers 😉

    Last time I really pushed myself, I pushed too hard, So it’s good to see you write to do what you can.


  2. My goals are working out…I love the wii and the variety I get in the different games and that is helping so much keeping things new and exciting.

    i am gonna miss the live show today! I will not be around. 🙁

    Have a great day!
    .-= Trish @IamSucceeding´s last blog ..Fitness Friday: A Vegan Raw Challenge =-.


  3. Shelly
    Twitter: morefunmom

    Great tips. I keep seeing ads for Your Shape and wondered how it would work with the camera tracking your moves. This is very helpful. I’m just starting out and using Wii Fit/Plus. I guess I’m a little behind. No worries. I’ve got nothing but time and commitment to catch me up. Happy FF!
    .-= Shelly´s last blog ..Time for Me and My Fun with Wii Fit Plus =-.


  4. great tips…especially for the squats that can be universal to doing them with any game or alone! Good luck with your new challenge…and phewww made me tired thinking about dancing for over 2 hrs!


  5. thanks for the great tips heres my fitness blogpost i do mine on wednesdays
    .-= lorrie´s last blog ..Yearbook Memories =-.


  6. Muthering Heights
    Twitter: MutheringHeight

    Great tips…I’ve been meaning to break into the Wii workout world…you are very encouraging! 🙂
    .-= Muthering Heights´s last blog ..A Beginning =-.


  7. Kelly
    Twitter: centsiblelife

    Thanks for the tip about the light! I’m struggling since it isn’t reading my motions properly, and I didn’t want to go purchase another lamp (yes I’m stubborn). I tend to exercise at night since the kids are too active during the day.


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